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Barbara Crampton as Lena O'Neill
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Tiffany Shepis as Extreme Haunt - Black Gloved Betty
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nmiller-19962 5 / 10 / 10

I've never been happy and sad for a movie to end.

I came across this movie and thought well I love horror movies and Christmas so this should be interesting. Needless to say I was in for a wide ride. First off this is a bunch of multiple short clips and that there are different languages spoke in here. Even if you don't speak those languages you won't be left out on what is going on. With all the different short stories my favorite has to be the second one but I can't spoil it by explaining it. The entire movie I spent saying what in the world is happening now. One animated short story really messed me up by the amount of weirdness that was going on. Now as for recommending this movie.....maybe. If you were drunk or smoked something then this movie is definitely something for you. If your sober I don't recommend it especially if you have child. Just to wrap this up by saying I don't regret seeing this movie one bit but I probably won't watch it again.

Reviewed by ChuckMuss 1 / 10 / 10

Great Christmas treat!

This is the first review I've ever written and to tell you the truth, I've mainly registered here to do so. Because I've seen the film at a festival earlier this year and I liked it very much, and now I hear it's being released VoD and wanted to see what others are saying... and I'm honestly SHOCKED!! at the low ratings and all the negativity going around here. Did you people watch the same film?? Can't be true. Because Deathcember really is bags of fun, I think. So, I rate it 10/10. Is it worth a 10? Nah, of course not, only The Godfather is. But it's a very solid 8/10. So why do I rate it 10/10? Because I want to be a counterweight to all those shamefully low ratings. And because I really admire the film for what it is and the filmmakers for what they've achieved here. Come on, so many films by so many different people all delivering on gleefully dark Christmas Horror fun, never ever boring or tiresome, like an ABCS of Christmas horror. I've never seen anything like it. Yeah sure, some of the episodes are a bit of a letdown, but seriously the vast majority is really cool modern horror with a lot of surprisingly original ideas. The Mexian one with the carol singers is downright epic. And so many more that had me laughing, screaming, groaning... loved it. I'd say, ignore the downvoters and check it out for yourself. And thank you for reading this!

Reviewed by edlc1970 1 / 10 / 10

b-movie crap

This movie is a lame try at making an anthology. The stories are short, fine enough, but they are boring, stupid and lame. Nothing more than a b-movie crap, trying to make a cheap spin off better anthologys. Avoid

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