Deep Evil


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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March 21, 2020



Adam Harrington as Major Michael Ross
Leah Cairns as Lizzie Bannerman
Lorenzo Lamas as Charlie Wolff
Ona Grauer as Agent Feenstra
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by meslon 3 / 10 / 10

Alien revisited on Earth with a low budget

This is called a Canadian movie but it is an American Pay TV movie set in Alaska but filmed in Canada to save money. It is basically a story of germ warfare; with a twist. American scientists working on a project in futuristic Alaskan Laboratory find a new terror weapon. Any more explanation would be a spoiler. Rather simplistic movie worth watching after midnight if there is nothing else to watch. Most simple storyline would be ..Alien meets Alaska. 3/10 is about what this film deserves and i would like to say that i am in reality -being generous. The type of film where you watch and watch only to see if you were correct in your guesses as to what the plot will bring about. Simple and when it ends it ends--finally. the end

Reviewed by siderite 3 / 10 / 10

Lamas on the way down

This is a typical movie about aliens loose in a confined environment. The presence of Lorenzo Lamas only proves that he is on a descending curve as casting is concerned and he has a really secondary role that involves no foot work, so he doesn't really belong in the movie. There are a lot of loopholes in the plot, but how does care? This is a monster movie, just produce the monster, let him loose on people that we don't know and don't care about and maybe, just maybe, let a few of them alive to be cast in some other movies. Someone mentioned the effects, they were not great. If you count greenish, reddish, yellowish liquids coming out of twitching people as special effects or you like quick morphs between computer generated aqua and people dressed in plastic, then this is the movie for you. Actually, the only good scene of this movie is when the young daughter of the general i doing an erotic dance for Lamas at the beginning of the movie. From then on, the movie just keeps going downwards :)

Reviewed by Theo Robertson 3 / 10 / 10

Walking Down Corridors

One interesting thing about this TVM is that it was filmed in 14 days . This is the only time the adjective " interesting " will be appearing in relation to DEEP EVIL . It also gives a hint as to what sort of quality you should expect from this type of film . Quickly written , quickly produced and quickly filmed the only thing that doesn't fly by quickly is the film itself . Two hours of your life you'll never get back ? It seems a lot longer than two hours sitting through this As in these type of horror/sci-fi TVMs the intellectual and artistic parisonmy is matched by the budget . Once the military/scientific team are given their mission they spend a large proportion of the running time walking down a dark corridor waving torches . I don't know if it it was my imagination but this sequence seemed to last for 20 minutes and in order to impress the audience the characters spout such Oscar winning dialogue such as : " Everyone thinks I'm a lesbo " and " No way was that officer's daughter jailbait . Shee was eighteen or nineteen at least " If you're expecting a low/no budget remake of ALIENS you'll be disappointed because this is a very dialogue heavy type of story where not much happens What makes it more irritating is how exposition is given out to the plot . If you've read the plot summary on this page it tells you all you have to know as to how the story plays out

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