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Danny Aiello as Mr. Johnny Cammareri
Jan-Michael Vincent as Carrol Jo Hummer
Theresa Saldana as Grace Corrigan
Tony Sirico as Mr. Danny
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mcbride57 8 / 10 / 10

A Cult Gem With Heart

For me, DEFIANCE was/is a film that delivered. Is it 'high art'?--I dunno. But it sure held my interest. JMV is our reluctant hero, 'Tom'. A merchant seaman, stranded in New York because of a beef on the job, near penniless Tom is forced to seek cheap digs in a slum rental while he waits for another ship assignment. He quickly crosses paths with 'The Souls', the Latino gang that holds the neighborhood in a grip of terror. Tom is no white knight or crusader. A world weary pragmatist, he's just a guy trying to keep to himself until he can catch that much-needed next freighter out to sea. Though not an immediate champion of justice, neither is Tom indifferent to the suffering of others and gradually he finds himself being drawn into the lives of several of the local residents. It is the leader of the Souls gang, 'Angel', with his determination to maintain his grip on his turf, and interloper Tom, with his stubborn refusal to abandon his newly made friends, who ignite the inevitable final--and highly satisfying--confrontation. Is DEFIANCE a film filled with startling plot twists and dazzling production value? No. But I found it to be highly entertaining with real sincerity--and it continues to please me after repeated viewings. All hands involved in this production deserve praise for working within their limited budget to craft a tough, tender and edgy action/drama where an average fella, who cannot ignore his heart, takes a huge risk to correct a great injustice. Is it SHANE?--Naw. (But what is?) I will tell you this: this flick delivers a whole fist-full of solid scenes. Fer instance: the moment when Tom draws his 'line in the sand'. Waiting until cover of darkness, Tom strides out of the shadows, club in hand, and begins to demolish Angel's beloved 'low rider' as an invitation to the gang--"Come and get me." That scene works on EVERY level: script, direction, photography, JMV's smoldering fury, the startling, hot musical score that punctuates the moment--IT ALL WORKS! It gave me goose bumps the first time and it still gives me a kick to this day. DEFIANCE had me in it's grip: "Yeah, Tom! Screw the consequences! Let's take it to these vicious punks." This flick never had anywhere near the budget or status of say, a DIE HARD, but it sure has the heart. In the early '80s, as I lived in my tiny apartment in Hollywood and struggled to write, I kept a tattered DEFIANCE poster tacked to my wall for inspiration. DEFIANCE: a solid, commendable script, in the hands of a no-nonsense, focused director, who's leading a sincere and supportive cast--all in pursuit of a simple, but meaningful, action/morality tale that can't help but touch you on some level if you believe in justice and decency. Not too shabby, folks. Not too shabby at all. Now I just wish somebody would get DEFIANCE onto a proper DVD (and throw in a few extras like cast/crew interviews, a trailer, maybe even some out-takes). I'd buy a copy in a heartbeat. And five more for some friends.

Reviewed by rmelin13 7 / 10 / 10

One of the top three

I doubt I know all of them, but the three films of street gang genre which came out in the very late 70's and very early 80's were "The Warriors"; "The Outsiders" and this one, "Defiance". Each one had it's own positive and negative points, in my opinion. I have to admit that I've watched "The Warriors" several times over the years, and I never tire of it. On the other hand, one viewing of "The Outsiders" was enough for me, it just didn't hold up. "Defiance" however is an excellent film from start to finish, and I'll be sure to watch it again and again. The film does an outstanding job of showing the essence of what it was like to exist in a then gang-ridden neighborhood in NYC. And there is story behind it, as well as good acting, a touch of a love affair, and most importantly the grittiness of people who are determined to regain what was once theirs, only to be snatched by a gang of merciless thugs. Cheers!

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 7 / 10 / 10

We're taking it back!

Tom Gamble, a young merchant seaman who was suspended for brawling decides to stick it out in a rough New York neighbourhood until he can get his union card and find employment on another ship. Terrorising the area is a Puerto-Rican gang known as "The Souls", which Tommy is doing his best not to get involved with. But soon enough they begin to clash with each other and Tommy is starting to find some allies in a once shell-shocked community. This might look like another very ordinary nitty gritty urban flick of the 70's and 80's fodder, but John Flynn's "Defiance" actually has a emotionally stimulating story to it. This element gives it a real backbone than just being a plain revenge / vigilante film centred just on the violence. It never loses sight of detailing the characters in a very realistic plight. I just watched Flynn's "Rolling Thunder" a couple of week's back and "Defiance" shares that hardboiled approached without wiping away that sincere touch. Flynn's sharp direction is very workable towards the hearty material, capturing the dominantly rough and raw N.Y. setting and letting it move at a brisk pace. The intensity of some certain tit for tat scenes are very well done and the exciting final confrontation between Gamble and the gang's leader Cruz doesn't let you catch a breath with it stinging ferocity. The dynamically funky and uncanny music score by Dominic Frontiere and Ric Waite's jarringly grounded photography also added to the film's unstably edgy and emotionally charged vibe. Thomas Donnelly and Mark Tulin's story is downright solid, without the need to go out big, but keeping it virtually simple and drawing you in with well-grounded characters and compelling situations that somehow feels fresh despite the rancid subject matter. The well-balanced script has a nice humorous edge (although there are couple unintentional moments -- stamping in a garden bed) and the drama of it holds up well with its street talk. Jan Michael Vincent superbly plays his aversely troubled character Tom Gamble like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode when needed. An exemplary Rudy Ramos makes one ultra-stylish thug and is truly fitting of the part as Angel Cruz. Theresa Saldana is wonderfully touching in her performance as Gamble's next-door neighbour. The supporting cast make real headway too. Lenny Montano, Art Carney, Tony Sirico and the lively kicking Danny Aiello are very good in their parts. This diamond in the rough is an extremely focused and poignant picture that delivers on the main goods.

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