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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cooluone 10 / 10 / 10

Not for people who only like movies to pass the time

I normally very strongly dislike Hindi films. Most people who like intelligent, artful, deep films usually hate films from "Bollywood", and with good reason. There's a reason why Hindi films aren't seriously considered when there is a discussion of great films. Slumdog Millionaire doesn't count for obvious reasons. Delhi 6 is a film which finally made me believe that there IS potential in India, and a desire to make a film which isn't just meant to be spoonfed to the audience. For people who have spent their entire lives, watching films which are only what they are at first glance and nothing more, this film will be undoubtedly annoy and bore them. That probably means most of the Indian audience, unfortunately. And that unfortunately means, this film will not do well financially, and will discourage producers from making a wonderful film like this. Delhi 6 will not make sense to people who take EVERY SINGLE THING in a film literally and don't dig deeper to try and understand the implicit meanings. This film is wonderfully directed, acted, and very evidently produced with heart and love. I would definitely submit this film as the selection from India for the Oscar foreign film section. It's *that* good. Don't watch this if you're looking for a "masala" movie. If you're looking for a film which will make you believe in India's ability to make excellent movies, this is it.

Reviewed by JoshLaver 9 / 10 / 10

I'm sorry Mr. Mehra, I underestimated you

I remember the time the song "Masakkali" hit our TV screens. I felt a good vibe about this movie, later found out that it was from the same director who did RDB, one of my favourites. Being a regular IMDb user, the ratings below 7 barely encouraged me to watch it though. Obviously, the movie never achieved the popularity status anywhere near to that of RDB. But for some reason, almost 4 years later, I decided to give it a try and I have to apologise Mr. Mehra for underestimating him. It is nigh impossible to emulate RDB but Delhi 6 shouldn't have done his prospects any harm. If there was anything like an Indian Oscar, Delhi 6 would have been a strong contender, considering the paucity of quality movies that get made in the biggest film industry in the world. As someone who is relatively familiar to the ways of Indian society and mentality, it was a stark depiction of the intricacies that form the gullies and chowks. The colours and noise and the varieties of personalities just illuminates the first half or so. The latter half shows the dark side, naivety, greed, ignorance, pettiness which can quite easily ruin a society. Nothing compelled me to write something here other than the fact that moviegoers have decided to rate it 6, which is a pity. No wonder, movies like Dabangg seem to reap financial rewards and recognition and the ones like Delhi-6 are left to stray into oblivion. I loathe bollywood in general, not so bollywood music, but Delhi-6 gives me hope.

Reviewed by surma884 9 / 10 / 10

Great movie...disappointed about the rating.

So this movie has an average rating of 6.2, which is quite disappointing for a film like this. It falls along the lines of Rang De Basanti. It is not a masala flick where you have drama, love, sex, music, thrills, laughs, tragedy, etc. This movie doesn't have much entertainment value, it is more about real life and how people behave (just like Rang De Basanti). Now about the movie. It is directed well and the story is simple. The pace was slow a couple times but it picked up during the climax. Although Abhishek and Sonam aren't great actors in my view, they have my respect for working in this film. You can read the plot to know about the general story. I would watch this movie again with friends and family. It is definitely a keeper and it's available on Blu-Ray!

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