Delusions of Grandeur


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dr Nick 10 / 10 / 10

A classic romp showcasing Louis de Funes' fantastic talent.

French comedy has a fine tradition of frantic physical performance, and Louis de Funes represents the epitome of this art. Backed up by a strong supporting cast, this film contains some delightfully absurd and inventive physical humour, with timing that shames many contemporary comedy actors. The gags are natural and spontaneous, the musketeer-era sets and costumes are fine, and the final resolution is both satisfying and unpredictable. This is such an effortless film to watch, it would be easy to dismiss it as lightweight. This film is pure gold however, and the skill of Funes and Montand is undeniable. If the more recent 'Les Visiteurs' appealed to you, this film will be well worth seeking out.

Reviewed by gullab 10 / 10 / 10

Funniest film I've seen!

This movie is something my mother and her brothers have talked about since I can remember myself. It was showed on TV here in Iceland some 30 years ago and after few minutes when they realized how funny it was, they threw a videotape in to own it. Couple of years later the Adventures of Jacob the Rabbin was also showed and of course they made sure to own that one too. Since then they've been on the lookout for French comedies. I finally saw this movie 2 weeks ago. I don't speak French (besides "oui", "mademoiselle" and "monsieur") but just looking at Louis de Funès and Yves Montand talking and acting is hilarious! The plot is more than in many comedies today, it's timeless in a way, you only need to have eyes or ears to enjoy this film! The second time I saw this film I was laughing before the scenes had happened. Truly a masterpiece. I'm beginning to adore French movies, I think.

Reviewed by chris12345678 10 / 10 / 10

The most enjoyable and funniest French comedy of all time

A great performance from France's Charlie Chaplin - Luis de Funes. This movie is about a money-loving ruthless tax collector in the renaissance Spain, who loses his job and is determined to get it back. One of de Funes' best acts, and a very good job by Yves Montand as his servant. If you don't die laughing while watching this film you may safely assume that you don't have a sense of humor.

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