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Chris Cooper as J.D. Salinger
Heather Lind as Mamie-Claire
Jake Gyllenhaal as Edward
Naomi Watts as Jemma Wells
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Floated2 7 / 10 / 10

Things come together with patience

Demolition seems to be a rare type of film in which we are not used to seeing in Hollywood these days. The film has a more real atmosphereand feel to it where the characters aren't necessarily good people, but we do connect and rootforthe leads. Jake Gyllenhaal delivers a very sounded performance as he carries the film together. Described as a strange film, this film isn't predictable which is a good thing, as we do not know what to expect as each scene comes together. The film shifts tones on almost a scene to scene basis, and it's easy to overlook how quickly a director can lose track of these tonal shifts. But director Jean-Marc Vallée never puts a foot out of line. There isn't a single shot that feels out of place. Vallée's other gift is the David O Russell-like ability to extract great performances out of his cast, as this film like somewhat of a O'Russell film. Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the most consistently brilliant American star working right now. The fact that he has only been nominated for an Oscar once is something, but perhaps his best has yet to come.

Reviewed by abrareessa 8 / 10 / 10

Losting, dispersion and re-know.

It was really a good movie, i felt every feeling he has, how he was chocked losing his wife, even he didn't know how to be sad. despite he wasn't feel any meaning of marriage before her death, any feeling of love, rest and the meaning of exist. Jake's performance was so honest and spontaneous, the picture was so good. this movie suits who feels loss, who couldn't find themselves, it may help them.

Reviewed by hearthstoneivan 8 / 10 / 10

Grief seen through a quirky lens

7.5/10 Watching Demolition felt like being spoon-fed caviar. The one who feeds you expects both appreciation of its fine taste and a complete lack of skills regarding the use of silverware. While all that caviar is still appetizing, it would be a lot better if you didn't hear a "Choo Choo, open your mouth!" whenever the ordeuver is tasted. As ever Gyllenhall has been fantastic playing a grieving quirky character, whose letters serve both as therapy and exposition devices for the audience. Naomi Watts is a bit underused, as a melanchonicly calm woman with a redneck husband and a rebellious kid. The journey is tight and collected, opposed to the behavior of these individuals whose story we follow. Everyone talks in an odd, overexplainable manner, which kind of bothered me throughout. As Gyllenhalls character says: "Everything has become a metaphor", you feel spoiled with all this unnecessary commentary of things meant to be subtle. We all know that him destroying his house, acting sporadically and delving into small issues isn't just a random eccentricity, but an allegory for his suffering. Speaking of suffering, Judah Lewis convincingly plays a teenage brat with an internal conflict of his own. Seeing a great kid actor nowadays is always a breath of fresh air. Conclusion: Demolition explores themes that have the need to be explored, though not with a sledgehammer and a hunting knife. It's short, tight and persuasively watchable, despite so on-the-nose. Worth watching for the great performances and the wonderfull character interactions.

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