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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LouieInLove 7 / 10 / 10

The Kitchen Sink Returns & It's Needed.

A well thought through & written piece. The acting is excellent. It has that classic bitter sweet kitchen sink social commentary. So many in Wales (& other parts of the UK) face a desperate situation like the lead character. The film makes you face society's flaws with a back rub rather than a fist.

Reviewed by jcriches 8 / 10 / 10

Denmark is brilliant

From the description i wasnt really expecting it to wow me, boy was i wrong. Its superbly written, directed and acted, and the whole feel is one of how Britain is in reality in areas of deep depression and perhaps Britain as a whole in modern times.

Reviewed by fashinrashin 8 / 10 / 10

Please see this film

Not really a comedy, but there are some funny moments. Filmmakers take note , this is John Cassavetes, ken Loach, Mike Leigh, John Sayles territory and its brilliant. You can make films like this for nothing, that are pitch perfect when describing the human condition. These kinds of films are really important. Anyone that has lived in Britain , in any of those depressed regions can relate to this film. I have gone through what the protagonist went through, and it is not for sissies. I watched this 3 nights ago and I have found myself reliving the scenes and dialog days later. This one stays with you. Everyone plays it well, the dog stole the show, and Rafe Spall is fabulous.

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