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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BroadswordCallinDannyBoy 1 / 10 / 10

Bad. Very bad. Very very bad.

The headline says it all. From atrocious action scenes to pathetic sound, from worse than amateur special effects to pathetic editing this film just plain bad. No other way of putting it. It throws one over used cliché after another, along with bad acting, and horrendous direction. It tries to be a big action film but with its sets and design, but it all looks so fake and ridiculous that you'll feel ripped off, even if you saw this movie for free. The "story" is about the theft of a deadly virus, which was stored in some guy's desk and it looks like an over the counter pain medicine, by a lady thief who must be escorted to safety from a bunch of stupid terrorists. Van Damme is assigned to help her. Throw in some unnecessary family drama and you have this film in a nutshell. Avoid it. 1/10 Rated R: violence and profanity

Reviewed by callanvass 5 / 10 / 10

A low budget cheapie that's quite dull to boot. The performances are a lone bright spot

An agent named Jacques (Van Damme) is forced to do a job on his birthday, much to his family's chagrin. He boards a train to protect a woman named Galina Konstantin. Jacques gets a surprise visit from his family with a birthday surprise, but his wife thinks he's cheating with Galina. Terrorists hop on board with a deadly virus, which is unleashed. Jacques must not only save his marriage, but save everybody on board This comes across like a hybrid of Under Siege II & Cassandra's Crossing. This movie was once on the bottom 100. While it is pretty bad, I've seen MUCH worse and even worse Van Damme films (Second in Command & Black Eagle come to mind) the problem is that it's much too cheap and dull for its own good. The ending is filled with laughable stock footage, and I just cringed. It also has a pretty bad moment where Van Damme commandeers a motorbike, and rides it on top of the train. The only good action scene in this movie is a decent car chase scene in the beginning. They pad it with pointless scenes, such as a cowboy (John Bishop) and a hunk (Binky van Bilderbeek) shooting the breeze, and getting drunk in the process, which proves to me that not much thought was put into this movie. Don't expect much vintage Van Damage. He doesn't do many of his patented moves, and we even get the annoying split screen thing with a fight. Believe it or not, the acting is pretty good. Jean-Claude Van Damme may not do many fancy things, but he gives a solid performance. He's not phoning it in, and gives it his all. He makes for a great hero, and has an impressive emotional scene at the end. I've always been a huge supporter of his, and he's really improved with his acting over the years. Laura Harring is breathtakingly sexy. Her manipulative character was a highlight for me. Tomas Arana is rather bland, but effectively sleazy I suppose. He did an OK job as the villain. Kristopher Van Varenberg pulls these funny angry faces, and doesn't really convince, but he does a really neat spin kick at the beginning of the movie. Shades of his dad! Susan Gibney is pretty good as the wife. I liked her. Final Thoughts: I've seen it many times, because I'm such a huge Van Damme fan. I paid 30$ for it when I first got it (Seriously) That should tell you how big of a fan I am. I regret paying that much for it, but it needed to be a part of my collection. It's a terrible film for the most part. Don't do what I do. See it once if you're a huge Van Damme fan and then forget it even exists. 3.7/10

Reviewed by matthew-scrutton 5 / 10 / 10

OK I guess but a couple of points.....

I literally wrote this after watching the movie on 5, mainly because I am a railway enthusiast and hate Van Damme movies. But because of the railway content I did raise a couple of points. Firstly, the shots of the switch tower with frantic German signalmen trying to rouse the drunken freight train driver were quite good, if not hilarious! Another point is this, when Van Damme and co uncouple their section of train from the other section, the air hoses part and all, but the train does not stop! They resort to the coaches handbrake, which for some reason the mighty Van Damme cannot turn without the aid of 50 people! In reality the train would have stopped dead because of a lack of air pressure holding the brakes off. Also, the engine kept on plowing on despite being gutted internally by fire! The crashes were dodgy, the trains looked like models off my layout upstairs, and the flames had the usual "out of scale with the rest of it" syndrome. When the two trains finally meet on the grade crossing, the loco of the freight train explodes, but then it suddenly is in great shape again, despite having clipped the end of a SOLID STEEL passenger train! When the Apache's open up on the main locomotive, it suddenly stops as though the directors re-wrote the laws of physics! I thought it was dead funny, cheap (the readily obvious H0 scale models!), and ridiculous all round, even for a non railway enthusiast its bad! So watch for high octane, low budget drama, but expect glaring errors! (the rest of the story was poor!)

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