Derren Brown: Sacrifice

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by safina-39963 9 / 10 / 10

Beautiful story

Everyone seems to have a problem with the execution, my view is that it is a beautiful and moving story - watching the participant go through his own personal journey

Reviewed by dougmacdonaldburr 10 / 10 / 10


I am a big fan of Derren Brown and I have been for a long time. He is extremely talented and his work is completely unique. This project is very creative and well executed. I found the participant very likeable. Sadly though, whatever this has going for it is tainted by the underlying political propaganda. I think Derren should be allowed to incorporate his political opinions into his work, but, I have the right to criticise him for doing so. I watch his content to be entertained, I can make up my own mind about politics. Since Donald Trump became President, I have lost so much respect for entertainers I used to love. I don't mind that they have different political opinions to myself, I just wish they weren't all so relentless about forcing their views on me. To put this in perspective, being a conservative and watching this, would be like me making a show where the overall message is 'you should go to church' and making a famous atheist like Derren watch it. Overall I liked it enough to watch it, but, it is certainly not my favourite thing Derren Brown has ever done.

Reviewed by benback-40579 10 / 10 / 10

Expecting a different outcome

In The Push, there were four participants but we only followed one for much of the show. So throughout this, I was expecting an end that was different from what actually happened. The journey was amazing and really powerful. It's a shame that some of the other commentators can't see past their political views to see what happened for it was. Watch and it will make you wonder what you would do.

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