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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sybarite_2003 8 / 10 / 10

A beautiful film about human sexuality

I really liked this film. It was shot in lovely locations in the French countryside, on the beach-front and in little town cafés, and it featured a host of beautiful actors and actresses (many of them non-professional). Yes there is a lot of explicit (non-simulated) sex and nudity throughout but for a film which is about exploring the central role of sexuality in our modern lives it makes sense and I didn't find it either offensive or pornographic. Though very sexually explicit the scenes were tasteful and beautifully shot. It was also quite a funny film. You could definitely watch this with your girlfriend or boyfriend. I wish all countries could treat sexuality in a matter-of-fact way like this as the French do.

Reviewed by davidrhabif 6 / 10 / 10

Falls Short In Every Category

Director Laurent Bouhnik had an interesting idea, but it didn't translate well on screen. I consider almost every aspect of this film a very rough draft. 1. Character development is almost non-existent. 2. The narrative is choppy and many scenes are unnecessary. 3. The plot lacks direction. 4. The acting is okay at best. 5. None of the characters are particularly likable. Bottom Line: I've read several reviews that praise this film for it's success in it's depiction of eroticism, however, Bouhnik's overly-heavy focus on sex and erotic behavior doesn't leave enough room for the characters or the story to develop properly. I will admit that there are several (individual) scenes that are strong--diamonds in the rough, if you will--but when the film was over, I had taken nothing from it, felt nothing during it, and was generally uninterested in the story and the characters.

Reviewed by thucy1 6 / 10 / 10

Not bad, even if I expected better

This movie is very daring because showing many unsimulated sex scenes, what is not frequent in mainstream movies. Some young actors are good and promising. The first one is Deborah Révy who plays the leading role. Even if her character is not very credible (a girl obsessed by sex and greedy to make love with many people, just because her father died recently), she plays it well, with a provocative and natural attitude. She's pretty convincing even if the storyboard is rather awkward. Hélène Zimmer who plays, on the opposite, a shy girl frightened to make love with her boyfriend for the first time, is touching and very convincing too. In that kind of movie showing explicitly physical love, I preferred "9 songs" by far, because in "Q", one has often the feeling that the explicit sex scenes are shown for themselves and don't really serve the story. so, watching the movie, one have an embarrassing feeling to be a voyeur. that's pity, it could have been far better. But I enjoyed it anyway.

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