Desperate Measures


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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November 27, 2020


Andy Garcia as Gerald Hotchkiss
Brian Cox as Chisolm
Marcia Gay Harden as Missy Goldberg
Michael Keaton as Michael Keaton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 8 / 10 / 10

High Marks For Suspense

Here's an underrated suspense movie that's good. It's "good" in that fact it delivers what it promises: suspense. I'm sure there are a number of holes in this far-fetched tale but it's fun to watch nevertheless. Michael Keaton is almost mesmerizing in his role as the sick killer. There is some decent action in here, too, but suspense is the name of this game. Once you've started in, it's very difficult to put down. Andy Garcia and Marcia Gay Hayden turn in solid performances as well. It was nice to see a tough-but-loving father (Garcia) go to any lengths to save his kid. Speaking of the kid (Joseph Cross), they show this very little soft-spoken boy that is trying be saved and all of sudden he says the word "a-hole." What is the purpose of inserting that? Only in the world of film.

Reviewed by gridoon 10 / 10 / 10

Garcia and Keaton are perfectly matched.

Michael Keaton and Andy Garcia are perfectly matched in this generally absorbing action thriller; you can sense right away that they had great chemistry working together, and they manage to create two characters more three-dimensional than the ones typically found in the genre. The film does have some plot holes (okay, Garcia can't kill Keaton. But why can't he shoot him in the leg or something?), and the last 20 minutes are pretty overblown, but the concept is thought-provoking and the filmmakers deserve credit for avoiding a cliched moralistic conclusion; indeed, the final scene of the film is very amusing. (**1/2)

Reviewed by buzznzipp1995 10 / 10 / 10

Measuring up, Keaton dead-on.'

I originally saw the previews and wasn't really paying attention, but I wasn't impressed. Then finally some years later I had the video and I watched it. It's a gripper. A shocker too. From movie viewer to movie viewer, everyone has a different opinion. However I was astounded by Keaton's dead on 'lunatic' performance in "Desperate Measures" he is bigger than life. In addition Garcia is quite the believable character as Frank Conner. Nurturing his son, Mathew through his debilitating illness and trying to cope with life and work despite the circumstances with his son. He is a fighter, a scrapper, who doesn't back down. Looking for a 'donor' for his son, searching and finally finding a match. Then he meets his match. A nightmare is about to unfold, here is a scrapper and a fighter, who kills and won't back down, either. McCabe is smarter than the average prison inmate. Keaton is full on and worse than even the 'pshycotic' renter that he played in 'Pacific Heights'. He is raw, at times caustic and most of all numb. If you look in his eyes, the only thing that registers from his pupils is 'Death'. He's strong and bound by a piercing determination. He is looking for a 'payback' for something or 'things' that have happened to him in his younger life. 'Captain Cassidy', played by Brian Cox is worthy of praise. Cox always seems to add more color to everything that he's in. And as he looks like a 'fitting' candidate, he convincingly brings himself to the forefront. Again, once it looks good and everyone is vulnerable, Keaton's- Peter McCabe, focuses and attacks, leaving his surroundings and the area he was occupying, in a state of debris. And when the fight is fought and it looks like he is defeated think again...(***)

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