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Abhay Deol as Lovinder 'Lucky' Singh
Anurag Kashyap as Man who offers Chanda a candy
Kalki Koechlin as Leni / Chanda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hsm2310 10 / 10 / 10

A Piece Of Art.

There are very few movies that make you wait for their day of release just like a torn lover waits for its lost love for that one last glance and Dev.D was certainly one of them. I just knew I had to watch it the moment I saw breathtaking visuals(The snorricam shots inspired from classics like Requiem for a Dream, Trainspotting) in the trailer itself. The fact that the movie was directed by Mr. Maverick (of new age Indian cinema) got me even more excited. So now when I have seen the movie I am ecstatic because I got more than what I expected. This movie is all about your sense of perception of art. If you find charm in innovative screenplay, extraordinary photography, symbolic scenes and realistic acting you got to love this cinematic masterpiece and if you have a thing for colors, its an icing on the cake! But if you want to see an entertainer which is going to generate temporary emotions, unfortunately, its not for you. All those who find the story unrealistic must understand it is not the portrayal of what happens in love but the most beautiful depiction of what is going through one's mind when one gets/doesn't get love. So, either you will crave for the movie to go on till forever or wait for it to end. Of course, the story line is based on the original Devdas but this contemporary version has its own twists and turns and you better not expect the expected. Abhay Deol is absolutely fantastic.There is not a single scene where one can doubt the authenticity of the character he is playing. Both the new actresses are equally good. Mahie Gill deserves all the applause for doing many a tough scenes with calming ease and expression that can light a fire. Kalki's eyes never lose the innocence in the truest sense thanks to the beautiful portrayal even though her character transcends into one of the highest zones of maturity. I just fell in love with the movie and wanted to see more of the unpredictable series of events through extraordinary musical narration.The only thing which I missed in Dev.D was a bit of soul but that is exactly how it was meant to be.

Reviewed by personified-007 10 / 10 / 10

DevD is an 'its own movie'.

This movie is 'not' a remake of Devdas. Probably, Anurag Kashyap wanted to borrow the base story from there, but I repeat if you are a big fan of Devdas then this movie isn't for you. But then again this is one of the most insane movies to come out of Bollywood. You might probably end up with a headache after watching it, but its completely worth it. There are few movies with such exceptional cinematography and music which blends completely with the movie. The characters are well defined, but also over the top. Abhay puts in a real perfect act of a self-sympathetic fool, who drinks and does drugs just in the obsession of Paro. He becomes completely lost and finally ends up in the arms of Chanda. Paro has apparently never known the words 'shy' nor 'blush'. Chanda has seen a lot of pain and is the only character who slowly becomes sure of herself. This movie is more about how they have painted the characters rather than the characters themselves. This is a first in Bollywood and I have never heard such dark, yet at times beautiful music. Its loud at times, but Amit Trivedi's work is a sheer genius one. If you do end up liking the movie, you would give half the credit to the music. Anurag and the entire team have poured in their heart for this movie. Most of the work and the ideas are genuine and is not picked up from some other random movie. It is an 'its own movie'.

Reviewed by prateekpapz 10 / 10 / 10

A Different Gear for Indian Cinema

A movie so great that it simply blows your heads off. Every character is Grey. No one is moral and every body is a victim of circumstances. the film is the pinnacle of movie making. the sheer audacity, rawness, and unrealistically realistic treatment creates magic on screen. and believe me one time is not good enough. songs are unbelievable as well. the characters of paro and chanda are so well written that before dev falls in love with them; u will fall in love with them. and both the ladies have done a remarkable job. mahi gill looks so elegant and an epitome of femininity. kalki has an amazing screen presence. with her earthy and next door girl looks, she will win ur heart and her school girl sexuality is incomparable. anurag is THE BEST director in this country and with a girlfriend like kalki he is a lucky bastard as well. and now we come to the real reason of watching the movie. abhay deol. he has become a cult figure for a lot of his fans. the concept is his and he has completely overshadowed and other devdas that ever was. from now on if anybody will be remembered as devdas, he will be abhay. after 7 movies he has overshadowed many heavyweights in the industry. he looks so natural and confident on screen. and how chilled this guy is can be judged from the fact that at the time of his biggest ever release he is rite now in new york for a welding course.

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