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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nwoakes 9 / 10 / 10

An honest appraisal of an honest attempt at filmmaking

Sometimes in cinema it is difficult to live up to hype. However, Dhoom 3 exceeds all expectations by packing a solid punch. The start was excellent and emotional, propped up by great performances from Jackie Shroff and Sidharth Nigam, the kid who plays young Aamir. YRF were indeed fortunate to find a kid who is not only a gymnast but a talented actor. I thought the cruel bank guy was good in his small part. He should've got a longer part. After the hasty Iqbal (Jackie) commits suicide, his son decides to take revenge. He targets the bank using his circus tricks and incredible gymnastics. As good as Aamir acts, he gets a very good script here that gets the best out of him. The "dhoom" scenes i.e. the chases are awesome. Modern cameras and VFX effects make them even better. Aamir's acting gets better and better as the story progresses. This is one one hell of a job by Aamir, on par with his best works. *****SPOILERS AHEAD***** To be frank, ACP Jai Dixit has become a liability since Dhoom 2 because his character makes things redundant. Since Dhoom 2 had a happy ending, his pesky interruptions didn't matter. But in Dhoom 3 the ending is sad, just because they had to give leverage to his character. Alas! they miss out on many tricks. Sahir's mastery and the twists around his characters are so good that he could have easily toppled Jai. Alas! Jai's character needs face saving because he's supposed to be one of the principal characters. He comes across as a big time nuisance. The whole angle about Jai called by US police to help them is hard to fathom. But we understand it's "dhoom" and some level of cinematic liberty has to be taken to involve a story like this in Chicago because it's hard to visualize this story on the streets of India.

Reviewed by pras_hicks 10 / 10 / 10

only mediocrity is safe - dhoom 3 ain't mediocre

Only mediocrity is safe. D3 could have been a safe affair but thankfully it is a daring adventure with great story and performances. The credit goes to the writer and director Vic Acharya for putting great action, bike scenes, mystery, important twists and emotions. Bande hai hum uske is a great poem repeated at important points in the movie. I won't write much about Aamir Khan because much has been said about his acting. He is simply brilliant in a very challenging role. Siddharth Nigam does a great job playing Aamir's childhood part. Watch him in the flashback after interval, you might drop a tear or two. Abhishek Bachchan looks tough and stern in a good depiction of Jai Dixit. Overall, a sharp entertainer. Story: 9 Direction: 10 Acting: 10 (Aamir, Sid Nigam, Jackie) Cinematography: 10 Bike action: 10 Songs: 8 BG Music: 10 Production Value: 10

Reviewed by saud-akram 10 / 10 / 10

Awesome movie with minor flaws

This movie is really good and I can easily say its the best Dhoom from the series. The chase sequences are awesome and the so called "plotholes" people are complaining about aren't really that bad. Aamir Khan's acting is flawless and and indeed is "Mr.Perfectionist". Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra's acting is mediocre at its best. Kat doesn't have much of a role but showcases her dancing skills. Songs are good and BGM is even better. If you can overlook abhishek and uday chopras ridiculous entry and enjoyed Dhoom 2 then I'd say go for it! I assure you you will not regret watching this one. My rating- 8/10(gave it a 10 cause it deserves a higher rating)

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