Diamond Cobra vs the White Fox


Fantasy / Romance

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November 29, 2020


Tangie Ambrose as Agent Holly McCall
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by richtactor 10 / 10 / 10

Changed My Life

One of THE most influential pieces of media I have ever experienced in my entire life. Truly changed my outlook on life, on the world and everything I hold dear within my existence. There are few pieces of media that will give you such an introspective attitude and make you question your own choices, let alone the topic of your humanity. To anyone reading this, thinking that they don't have the talent to make a film, I deeply and sincerely beg that they watch this film, because never have I had such a drive and motivation to become a creator of art than viewing this absolute masterpiece. If you have ever suffered an overwhelming feeling of despair and doubted your own abilities as a creator, just remember, someone made this. They wrote the script, checked it over for potential problems, and decided there was nothing wrong. Then they convinced a staggering amount of people to help film, edit, and star within what can only be described as a series of shots that amount to nearly two hours, without anyone speaking up and saying 'hey wait a minute, this is garbage, the script doesn't make any sense... wait, that shot is out of focus and this scene isn't complete.... hang on, what's the point of this bit?.... oh god, that's some awful CGI.... well I guess it's not as bad as the acting. Then they managed to get this distributed on a major platform AND manage to charge people for it, instead of having to pay those who were brave enough to suffer through the entire endeavor. I myself was worried about delving into the murky depths of writing/directing, but if something like this can be produced for people to pay actual real money for, then you too folks can achieve incredible wonders! Also, the review by wallskaren-82232, It's clearly you Deuandra, you ain't fooling anyone. I wish you all the best, you white diamond cobra fox.

Reviewed by bartgodboy 1 / 10 / 10

Redlettermedia wasn't wrong...

This is a must-see for all self-proclaimed lovers of ''so-bad-it's-good'' movies and even future filmmakers. It's....It's....words cannot do it justice. Just bring a couple beers and your film-loving friends too and just watch it.

Reviewed by goombapizza 1 / 10 / 10

I can't tell if this is the worst dreck I've ever sat through, or sublimely brilliant comedy.

Words cannot capture what this movie is. If they were going for comedy, they nailed it because my ribs hurt from laughing. But if this was a serious attempt, the "filmmakers" should be put in jail, and I weep for their immortal souls. I was split on whether to give it a 1 or a 10. Since it's not advertised as a comedy and I'm 90% sure they were dead serious making it, I have to call it out for the mindblowing garbage that it is. I've watched a lot of terrible Z-movies on purpose, and this is by far the worst. Compared to this, Neil Breen and Tommy Wiseau deserve an Oscar. If you enjoy watching movies that are unintentionally hilarious due to how god-awful they are, I highly recommend this one.

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