Diary of a Hitman


Crime / Drama

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Forest Whitaker as Marcus Clay
James Belushi as Bill Dancer
Sharon Stone as Miriam Ebbers
Sherilyn Fenn as Marlene Lindstrom
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chanvat 6 / 10 / 10

First rate, but vastly underrated, psychological thriller in the "Sleuth" genre.

Forrest Whittaker is superb in this taut thriller, in which he plays a burned-out hit man who is planning his last job. The job, however, is a dirty one even by his standards: he is ordered to murder the wife of a shady businessman and the wife's baby (whom, claims the businessman, is not his child, and a crack baby to boot). Sherilyn Fenn plays the wife masterfully, exhibiting a wide range of emotion from fear to desperation to joy to confusion, all within just a few minutes on camera. James Belushi plays a cynical police detective, while Sharon Stone (in her first post-"Basic Instinct" role) has a small role as Sherilyn's kooky sister, aptly named "Kiki". Instead of taking out Sherilyn and her baby, Whittaker bonds with her and, eventually, turns the tables on her s.o.b. husband. The movie was filmed in Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Ohio, and Sharon, PA, where the producer's studio was located at the time (1991). These industrial locales add a dark mood to this even darker drama, one that is vastly underrated.

Reviewed by debra-8 7 / 10 / 10

Great performance by Whittaker

This is an excellent movie, Whittaker is so underrated. They rave about the same actors, being so gifted. Whittaker is so powerful, soft spoken, not with mumbling so many actors do. I enjoyed this movie very much. It was very human and touching. Fenn was so good, in a role that could have been wasted on other beautiful actresses.

Reviewed by goya-4 7 / 10 / 10

suprisingly good movie

Dorest Whitaker stars as a hitman hired by a commodities trader who asks him to murder his wife who he says is a drug addict who gave birth to an addicted baby who isnt his... Whitaker, doing one final job, goes but has his doubts of the authenticity of the husband and breaking his professional vow to himself, begins talking with the woman (Sherilyn Fenn in one of her best roles) A highly dramatic film that runs like a theater drama. Very Well done and underappreciated On a scale of one to ten.. 7

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