Did I Kill My Mother?



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Austin Highsmith as Detective Monroe
John Ceallach as Cop #1
Megan Park as Bev Van Ravensway
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 3 / 10 / 10

Sweet Potato Fries

Natalie (Megan Park) score 160 on her LSAT the night her father has an accident and dies. So instead of going to college for law, Natalie goes to a different kind of bar where she meets her friend Jack Daniels...for a year. Natalie's mom is murdered the night they had an argument with Natalie being a loud obnoxious drunk. Natalie now believes the deaths were connected. The film is light on suspects and clues. The best clue comes from the ominous soundtrack about midway through the film when a certain person is on the screen....might as well has been the Darth Vader theme song. The story was a bit of a bore. It was supposed to be organized crime, but we don't get to see those folks. Made for TV, Natalie doesn't even shower.

Reviewed by phd_travel / 10

Absorbing enough whodunnit

Mildly involving thriller mystery from Lifetime stars Megan Park as a woman whose Mother is killed in a robbery or was it? A writer played by Stephen Colletti warns her it may be linked to her father's accidental death some years back. There is an easy chemistry between the lead actors and the dialog is quite well written. It's not too hard to figure out whodunnit but as in most Lifetime shows it's mildly entertaining to see how they figure it out.

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