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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by antialias11 5 / 10 / 10

It's Ok-ish

If you know and love the books you may come away a bit disappointed. Most of the humor which relies on the reader/listener having some familiarity with literature, philosphy, history is missing. All the more complicated or self-referential bits of humor are missing. It basically feels like a dumbed down version with some unneccesseary additions (e.g. a love story). Forcing the episodic nature of the book(s) into a coherent story was certainly not easy and it shows in the weak cookie-cutter plot. Actor quality is also a mixed bag. Especially the protagonist and main antagonist aren't cast particularly well or just weren't given enough to work with by the script. That said the kangaroo CGI is good quality, the interaction between it and the other characters feel natural. The movie starts off funny and the pacing works for the most part. Some signature jokes were also incorporated well into the story. If they take the criticisms to heart I feel they could crank out another one or two of these movies with better quality. There's certainly more than enough source material to draw from.

Reviewed by imdb-mawadre 3 / 10 / 10

"You love it or you hate it - or you will find it mediocre"

2 Kids and 2 Adults disappointed. The 2 Kids (7 and 10) were missing all their long term jokes and were terrified by all the visible violence. In the books the Nazis always lose against the Kangaru. But in the movie the Nazis suddenly look and behave dangerous in a non-bud-spencer-realistic-way and Marc gets hurt with real blood visible. We two adults were missing all the jokes and the fun and the nagging of Marc and his Kanguru. In our audition director Dany Levy was available for questions. He told about its own kids being long term hard core fans and warning him not to ruin the (audio)books for his kids for all time by making a bad movie. But he did unfortunately. "Some will find it mediocre"

Reviewed by koderone 3 / 10 / 10

What a pity.

The movie is everything I hoped it wouldn't be and I can't believe the author gave his blessings. It's a typical german comedy. In a bad way. Which means the humor is very silly. Which doesn't do the ingenious novels by Marc-Uwe Kling any justice, because the humor there is witty and more on the dry side. What made me cringe the most was what I'm sure will be sold off as movie "citations". Which even if you know they are meant like that just come off as blatant and shameless stealing. As a viewer I felt insulted. A citation has to do bring in new elements. It has to hint at the original just to show the appreciation for it. Put it in another context. Not stealing entire scenes and dialogues and even end with the same punchline. If you're outright stealing at least have the modesty not to copycat material that everyone and his grandmother has seen hundreds of times. The interaction between the kangaroo and the main character is unconvincing and weak. It looks like he acts to thin air. Which is made worse by the fact that the kangaroo's voice is coming from the off and doesn't fit in with the ambient sound. There's no reverb, no nothing. But you can see it's lips move, so it feels just awkward. The animation is not the best either. All the punchlines that put me to tears while listening to the audio books just don't fire because the timing is off. The story they've build around the source material is plainly dumb and uninspired tv-quality stuff. As is the cinematography, if you wanna call it that. German telenovela level. There's nothing I like about the movie which the books didn't do better.

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