Digging for Fire



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Brie Larson as Racing Girl #2
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kurtmw3000 2 / 10 / 10

Miserable from start to finish

While the trailer was slightly promising watching this movie and its story unfold was frustrating quite frankly sad. The couple is annoying and I don't care for any of the actors in this movie based on their performances except for Orlando Bloom. Is this what people in California are like? If you like topics like cheating, drinking, drug abuse and want to feel a general malaise wash over you then "Digging for Fire" delivers. If there is a "spoiler" it's that nothing really happens after all the digging. The weekend ends and the couple realize they still love each other for some reason. I don't understand why Mike Birbiglia was cast but he was slightly entertaining at first but seemed very out of place. Perhaps that was the point. I am a fan of his comedy and he's great in person on stage. The main character played by Jake Johnson comes across as a total jerk very early on and I generally didn't care for him. The wife seemed to be playing Helen Hunt but was at least somewhat likable. If Jake continues to write screenplays and making his own movies I hope they get better because this was absolutely horrible.

Reviewed by SteveJ_888 7 / 10 / 10


This is a movie about nothing. That's fine for a half-hour episode of Seinfeld, because it's amusing and entertaining. This movie is neither. It's humorless, tedious and somewhat painful to watch. I like slice-of life movies. I don't need action. I don't need anything to really happen as long as I experience something I normally wouldn't experience in everyday life. This movie is anyone's very ordinary everyday life with some amount of coincidence and absurdity added. Rather than creating interest, though, these devices only prevent anything genuine from emerging. Only one of the two main characters is believable, and both lack color and depth. That's a serious flaw in a movie where almost nothing happens. A transformation of sorts does take place, but it feels contrived. The events leading up to the transformation don't in any way suggest that it should occur, or why. I'm giving the movie 4 out of 10 because someone might get something from it, and because there are a few brief moments that I liked. Also, the acting is at least adequate.The movie is inferior, but not horrible. Observing everyday life on a long walk would be a better way to spend 90 minutes, though.

Reviewed by kosmasp 7 / 10 / 10

Tim and Lee

Sometimes things have to be found. Sometimes they do not need to be found, but stay buried. But even the latter might need a bit of a refresh or redo of sorts. You'll understand once you've watched the movie. A movie that while romantic in some sense also will appall quite a few that will not like where the characters are going or what they are doing, literally and metaphorically speaking. I'm not sure if it was just the script or something else, but the movie did attract a lot of talent. Some even just for really small roles, like Anna Kendrick and most better known to independent audiences, but still more than just stellar and performance wise really elevating the whole piece (no pun intended). It may be slow and it may not be within your moral values, but it's strong in the end and it just might be able to touch you with the way it tells the way of two adults who have lost their way ...

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