Digging Up the Marrow


Biography / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Kane Hodder as Jon Roy
Ray Wise as Jack Taggart Sr.
Rileah Vanderbilt as Shannon
Tony Todd as William
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by re-animatresse 7 / 10 / 10

there's no such thing as monsters

a documentary-style found footage film by the writer/director of Holliston and the Hatchet slasher series. i'd heard good things about the monster design and make-up, but wasn't very impressed. the monsters get only a few seconds a piece of shaky-camera screen time and are actually pretty cartoonishly goofy-looking if you pause on them the movie suffers a bit from the shaky camera syndrome typical of its genre — there's a point where the crew is sitting in the woods at night, waiting for a monster to appear, and when one of them points to a shape moving through the trees, the camera guy focuses literally everywhere but where the character is pointing. i can only imagine it was done on purpose to parody the genre style, and the actors were laughing about it behind the scenes the story is imaginative and compelling, and Ray Wise, as detective William Dekker who invites director Adam Green to witness and record proof of the existence of monsters, is a great actor and storyteller. my favourite scenes are the ones where Adam and the film crew are just sitting in Dekker's house, recording his stories of past encounters with and illustrations of monsters from a subterranean metropolis he calls The Marrow i like the film despite it's flaws and wouldn't mind a sequel picking up exploration, where this one ends rather abruptly, of The Marrow and its inhabitants. recommended for fans of found footage monster movies

Reviewed by Coffee_in_the_Clink 7 / 10 / 10

Adam Green and Ray Wise are a modern day Ed Wood and Bela Lugosi

On paper it would be easy to write off Adam Green's 'Digging Up the Marrow' as being shameless self-promotion and yet another forgettable entry in the redundant found-footage genre. But it's actually very entertaining, witty and fairly creepy. Adam Green, the director of 'Frozen' and 'Hatchet', is contacted by a man who claims that he can prove to Adam that monsters are real, are in fact living in a metropolis beneath the earth, and that he has found one of the entrances to this world. Adam and his crew agree to meet with him and to film a documentary, because Adam, in the Agent Mulder tradition, Wants to Believe. The man, who claims to be an ex-Boston police officer, turns out to be a bit of nutcase, and very scrupulous about how Adam and his cameraman conduct themselves out in the woods around the entrance to this monster world. Must say I had a great time watching this. Some very funny scenes and it was cleverly delivered by Green and co. Ray Wise was simply brilliant and was an interesting character. I found something really appealing about the film, the vibe it had that gave it the feel of a real cheap, personal project, Ed Wood style. I can see this becoming a Halloween favourite of mine.

Reviewed by lathe-of-heaven 7 / 10 / 10

This is clearly a very personal film and a movie especially for 'Film Makers' and for people who are particularly interested in film making...

This was honestly a very different type of film. I am not very conversant with Adam Green's films (I surely PLAN to become that way though...) so I didn't really know what to expect. Since I usually look at movies from the standpoint of 'film making', I think that I can see what he was trying to do with this one. A very unusual approach indeed... I think what I liked about it (other than the bloody FANTASTIC Ray Wise, of course) is the change in tone as you watch it. At the beginning it actually is quite funny and as the 'Trivia' section mentions, the entire film was very carefully scripted, although it does NOT come across that way at all. So, with that in mind, I really appreciated the genuine and natural humour that he drew out of the movie, especially with many of his own reactions to what was being said by others. He is really funny. But, I liked that as you became more engrossed in the story and began to see Adam's interest in the reality of the stories he was being told have an effect on him, I really liked the change in tone as things got more serious. I very much liked that and thought that they did an excellent job in switching gears, as it were... Whether you suspend disbelief enough to become invested in the story or not, I truly found the film in it's entirety to be very entertaining. A LOT of the entertainment value come from Adam's own life and real friends and family being portrayed and his excellent interaction with them when talking about this 'Project'. Most of the rest of the entertainment value comes directly from the always awesome Ray Wise. He was frigg'n GREAT the whole way, in my lowly and wretched opinion. His VERY subtle turns at absolute DEADPAN humour were totally hilarious! And Adam's reaction to them was just as great. As far as the actual story being told and the 'Documentary' approach, sure, if you have an active imagination like I do, you can get caught up in that too... I think that people who automatically dismiss the film because Ray Wise, a very well known actor, is in it, are missing the point of the movie. As mentioned in the 'Trivia' section here, they REALLY agonized on whether to use someone well known as the main guy or not. But, after giving it a lot of thought and getting audience's reactions, they realized that to approach the movie as a fully genuine 'True' story and then LATER likely disappoint the audience or make them feel 'fooled' was something that they did not want to do, as some other 'Mockumentaries' have fallen victim to. So, this way, the audience KNOWS right from the start that it is fiction, but at the same time by cleverly using Adam and his family and friends as REAL people along with their choice of Ray Wise, they came up with a very unique and interesting balance for this kind of movie. So, this is quite honestly an EXTREMELY difficult film to recommend to people in general. As you can see from the many varied reviews here, that the reactions are truly all OVER the place. I personally think that if you are a film maker yourself, OR if you look at films from a film maker or director's perspective, OR if you have a real love and affection for the Horror Genre itself, THEN you will have a much greater chance at really enjoying this unique and entertaining film.

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