Dil Hai Tumhaara


Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Peter_Young 7 / 10 / 10

Preity Zinta's fabulous performance...

After having a successful turn with Kya Kehna, Kundan Shah and Preity Zinta reunite for another picture that revolves entirely around her. This is a film that has it all: comedy, drama, emotions, romance and values. It is portrayed quite well all through, but it certainly wouldn't have worked if not for Preity Zinta. Don't know what it is about her. Watching her on-screen is a refreshing, encouraging experience. Her bright smile, her easy charm, her strong and natural screen presence, and her real-life happiness that translates so naturally onto the screen, all make you believe that life is beautiful. Even when she's sad and you see tears in her expressive eyes which naturally sadden you as well, you cannot but feel optimistic. She switches sorrow with happiness quickly yet convincingly. This is not just the beautiful character she's got, it's Preity herself. Not once has she been called a bubbly and vivacious actress. Her ability to inject these positive qualities as well as her real optimism into even the saddest of characters is unique and commendable. This is the greatness of an actor. Not every actor can do it, but Preity can. Preity plays Shalu, a girl who is a product of her father's extramarital affair, and who's been adapted by her father's wife (Rekha) after the latter's death. She is not aware of her identity and cannot understand why her mother does not show even remote affection for her while she clearly does so towards her sister Nimmi (Mahima). Yet, her love for her mother and her beloved sister is immense, and she is presented as a girl who is happy and full of life. She does not spend time crying for all ill fate, she fights for her happiness. Her character's love and ability to sacrifice her own happiness for her family could have made any other actress look cheap and pretentious, but Preity is compelling and moving. Shalu is a very simple yet extremely memorable role. She is a big prankster, at times unkind, but that's what helps her forget her sorrow. Preity integrates her boyish charm into such instances. The scene when she misleads Arjun Rampal's character on his way to the company, the scenes when she mistreats him ("Hey Driver! Ksh! Ksh!"), the scene when she feeds her mother's political rivals with a peppered pastry (by the way, the instance when they have smoke coming out of their ears is annoying and unnecessary); all these are examples of her character's mini-negative shades, but also of her unconditional love for her mother. Rekha is one of the greatest actresses, no doubt, and she is restrained and dignified here, but like the beautiful and talented Mahima Chaudhary, she suffers from an extremely underwritten role. Preity may not be as beautiful as they are, she is neither as dramatically accomplished as Rekha nor as attractive as Mahima, but it's her film all the way. She makes the best of this author-backed role, playing it with spontaneity, energy, depth and sincerity, and, in turn, making Shalu authentic, charming and very easy to relate to. Dil Hai Tumhaara is not a great film but it is a heartwarming family drama which was made in the most traditional way. Fans of mainstream Hindi films will love it. The last few scenes become increasingly and typically emotional, but they are moving enough and effectively bring to a positive ending. You just feel its profound, unrestrained Hindi film style all over, but it works. All the songs, without exception, are melodious and beautiful. Having said that, the main and only reason this film works consists of two words: Preity Zinta.

Reviewed by sowk 10 / 10 / 10

Very nice.........

I went to watch the premier of this movie...i didnt expect it to be nice but i went anyway...but i was wrong ....the movie was nice......i think Preity Zinta acted well....the story is also nice......i recommend this movie to anyone who likes to watch funny movies and also family stories....:) my rating = 8/10

Reviewed by bkp_149 10 / 10 / 10

Full of Wonderful Pure and Heartwarming Emotions

It's a great movie and regardless of what happens at the end, the beautiful emotional bonds shown through out the movie can really touch a person's heart. The sisterly love is really heartwarming. Also, the role of Jimmy Shergill as Preity Zinta's childhood friend is praiseworthy. It's beautiful to see how a guy can love a girl soooo much. He loved her till the very end and was always there for her. The thing that bothered me a lil bit was that Preity Zinta never found out that Jimmy Shergill loved him so much. But that just makes the movie a little more realistic. But poor guy, the girl he loved to death will never know that he loved her so much. His role in the movie was truly wonderful. Overall, it's a good movie that will DEFINITELY touch your heart especially if you're a romantic person.

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