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Daniel Stern as Glen Stevenson
Ellen Barkin as Amanda Brooks
Kevin Bacon as Dan Devereaux
Mickey Rourke as The Bookie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by framptonhollis 10 / 10 / 10

funny, smart, and mature; an 80's comedy triumph!

For whatever reason in recent years, "Diner" seems to have been overshadowed by a disturbing cloud of obscurity. While it is a film that received great acclaim for those who have seen it, and from my point of view it is a guaranteed audience pleaser, not too many people seem to know of this 80's gem. Essentially, "Diner" is a film in the same vein as "American Graffiti" and "Dead Poets Society", except the characters are a bit older and are now forced to reckon with the frightening forces of reality. While it is a hilarious and witty comedy, "Diner" is also a powerful portrait of a group of old friends now struggling to adjust to adulthood and societal expectations. Concepts such a marriage and maturity are now at last taking their dramatic grasp upon this group of charmers who are now facing challenges they never thought were possible. Dealing frankly with relationships, sexuality, stress, and the sometimes scary idea of "settling down" with a wife, job, and kids, "Diner" is a brilliant peek into the lives of a group of witty and entertaining friends as their age unexpectedly increases, forcing the task of adulthood to begin, truly affecting their lives with storms of conflict and confusion.

Reviewed by namashi_1 6 / 10 / 10

Pure Magic!

Barry Levinson's 'Diner' celebrates the spirit of friendship & relationships. Written with heart, Directed with precision & Performed Superbly, this 1982-classic is Pure Magic! 'Diner' Synopsis: A group of college-age buddies struggle with their imminent passage into adulthood in 1959 Baltimore. I loved 'Diner', right from the start to the end. The narrative moves at a tremendous pace and the human-conflict among its primary characters, is infectious. Levinson's Screenplay concentrates on the true essence of friendship & the relationships we share with people in society. Also, the energy of Baltimore has been depicted most efficiently. Levinson's Direction is excellent. He deserves distinction marks for his wonderful work here. Cinematography by Peter Sova is fabulous. Editing by Stu Linder is very well-done. Performance-Wise: Mickey Rourke delivers a sensational, stunning performance. He enacts his part with remarkable conviction. Steve Guttenberg is unflinchingly good. Daniel Stern is natural to the core. Kevin Bacon is terrific, yet again! What a phenomenal actor! Tim Daly is first-rate. Ellen Barkin is fantastic & to a large-extend, the scene-stealer. On the whole, 'Diner' has everything going for it. Its got heart & soul! Don't miss it!

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10 / 10

terrific up and coming actors

It's Christmas Night 1959 Baltimore. A group of friends reunite for Eddie Simmons (Steve Guttenberg)'s marriage. Shrevie (Daniel Stern) and Beth Schreiber (Ellen Barkin) are unhappily married. Boogie (Mickey Rourke) is the slick womanizer. Fenwick (Kevin Bacon) is the prankster. Modell (Paul Reiser) and Billy (Tim Daly) round out the group. Their hangout is the Hilltop Diner. It's a very impressive cast. Everybody is terrific acting-wise. However I couldn't really get into the meandering nature of the movie. I found it hard to concentrate on any of the characters. It doesn't have the light fun of 'American Graffiti'. I would have liked a movie of them just talking in the diner about their lives.

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