Disaster Wars: Earthquake vs. Tsunami


Action / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Joe Estevez as Joe Estevez
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Shawn C. Phillips as Brother Jeffrey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by seanevanmackey 1 / 10 / 10

right well ........

Disaster wars:tsunami vs earthquake is one of those movies that you see that you never talk about or see it in a DVD bin or second hand shop,this into is fairly short due to the movie i have just watched. The first initial reaction to this films existence is what a weird title for a movie,then you realize that the concept doesn't really make much sense because in order for a tsunami to happen an earthquake must occur either in the ocean or near the coast that it sends aftershocks out to cause the tsunami,so logically the concept of the movie"tsunami vs earthquake"would'nt really pan out in a movie as this movie tries to emphasize(disappointingly this match between natural disasters never actually happens til the end in an extremely dragged out and terrible looking scene),as for the movie itself,the movie was something i was not expecting and bored and baffled me to a point where i had to take a break and think over what i was actually getting myself into. the aspects of this film i would like to point out for being something kind of ridiculous is the terrible cgi and set designs(this also includes filming locations such as outside shots),the first experience i had with the terrible looking cgi was in the first couple of minutes into the film and immediately regretted watching this film,the whole third act of the film is a horrible computer generated mess that is actually really hard to watch. another topic that is prominent that i have a major issue with is the "characters",the "characters"are all pretty much the exact same personality wise(cardboard),as the movie progressed i was kind of hoping that they would try and add personality variety between them but that was of a high expectation,one of the biggest problems i have with the characters is the main character,the reason i forgot his name is because the director and screenwriter must have forgotten to add him in and actually give him motivation like a main character has to have,most he does in the movie is go somewhere for 20 minutes and give the viewer exposition about the tsunami. In my honest opinion i don't actually recommend this film because there is nothing compelling about this film but if you want to waste an hour and 25 minutes of your time then go right ahead. 1 out of 10

Reviewed by cruikshankmatthew 10 / 10 / 10

Hands down the worst movie I have ever seen

CGI 0/10; Plot 0/10; Music Score 1/10; Plausibility 0/10; Acting 0/10; Overall Believablity 0/10; Honestly the only thing that this movie has going for it is one or two attractive actresses. I normally watch even bad movies to the end to give them a fair go. But watching this to the end was a struggle. Many of the characters act in a completely illogical way. For a disaster movie, there is a remarkable lack of people running and screaming. Isn't that the point of these movies? Shouldn't I be 'on the edge of my seat' the whole time? This movie lacks the terror that is the main point of disaster movies. And don't even get me started on the CGI(The worst I have ever seen.) I don't think they could have made a worse movie if they were trying. There are many plot holes and many of the questions it raises it makes no attempt to answer or explain whatsoever. The ending is fairly abrupt and barely ties off the movie at all. I would not recommend watching this movie

Reviewed by prometheus418 10 / 10 / 10

So dumb it's almost awesome

The Killer Tsunami looks like it is emitting blasts from an asthma inhaler, or maybe just a couple really pretentious farts. The acting is horrible but not campy, and overall, it doesn't seem so much like a well- meaning but terrible movie, but more like a really understated satire. It's kind of like "The Day after Tomorrow" if it forgot to care and just took a handful of sedatives. Just because it's so unique, intentional or not, I'm giving it a 10 of 10- don't get me wrong, it sucks- but in a sort of modern Plan 9 from Outer Space in a world with HD cell phone cameras kind of way. I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit. There's a glut of overproduced stuff now, so the contrast is pretty fun.

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