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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mungflesh 7 / 10 / 10

Great, groovy and gory!

Discopathe tells the story of a young man whose childhood is traumatized by an incident involving Disco music. Since that time he cannot bear to listen to this music and even becomes a psychotic killer when exposed to its groovy bass lines and pumping bass drum. Okay, it's all a bit silly really but with that in mind, this movie is such a cool load of fun. Exploitation genre fans of stuff like Maniac, Tenebrae and The New York Ripper are likely to find much to enjoy in this tongue-in-cheek gore fest. When it gets gruesome, it ticks the splatter box pretty well so that hardened gore hounds can get their fix, yet it manages to keep the mood light, unlike the movies which it pays homage to. The language switch halfway through the film is a bit jarring for the English speaking viewer, as the film kind of presses a reset button but it manages to regain pace fairly quickly and get back on track. Unlike many films these days, it has a very satisfying ending. If you really can't stand disco music, this film might get a bit tedious, with the soundtrack being truly awash with the stuff but personally, I thought it was its beating heart. If in recent years you have enjoyed the likes of Hatchet, House of the Devil and Planet Terror which look back fondly on the golden era of splatter, then this one will probably join those on your list. I'm not too sure if it is likely appeal to the rest of the movie-going public but then I don't think director Renaud Gauthier would care that much. He certainly wears his heart on his sleeve for Discopathe.

Reviewed by Coventry 3 / 10 / 10

HA-HA-Ha-ha (try) staying alive!

It's truly a joy and relief to know that somewhere in this world (in Canada, apparently) some people are still making refreshing and creative new horror movies! "Discopathe" is a highly original, tongue-in-cheek and clumsy - although I'm sure that's intentional – low budgeted slasher flick that put a giant smile on my face from start to finish. Writer/director Renaud Gauthier (you can also spot him in a delicious cameo appearance as the protagonist's father) thought up a plot that is quite insane and simplistic but the setting, atmosphere and particularly the grotesque make-up effects form a downright terrific homage to the rancid and nasty exploitation horror flicks from the late 70's and early 80's. Duane Lewis is a handsome twenty-something New Yorker, but he has one major problem. The sound of disco music causes him to go out of his mind and turns him into a maniacal killer. Unfortunately for him, disco is something nearly impossible to avoid in the year 1976, especially when sexy Rollerblades-girls practically force him to go out clubbing. After having committed a gruesome murder, Duane flees to Montréal and inconspicuously hides himself as a caretaker in a catholic all-girl boarding school. But even here in this supposedly secure environment, Duane is again confronted with lewd disco-loving girls and his homicidal tendencies rapidly come back to the surface… bigger and nastier than ever! The violence as well as the killer's hateful facial expressions of "Discopathe" will instantly remind genre connoisseurs of all those gloriously controversial misogynic slashers from several decades ago ("Maniac", "Don't go in the House", "New York Ripper"…) but the subject matter here is light-headed and much easier to digest. I realize there might be something seriously wrong with me, but I thought it was brilliantly amusing and nostalgic to witness a crazed killer hack up and mutilate the corpse of a young girl with broken 7 inch records! Renaud Gauthier also included several obligatory but marvelously clichéd sub plots, like lesbian experimenting and perverted priests within the boarding school's walls, obsessive coppers with porno movie mustaches and the ludicrous childhood trauma. And then last but not least, of course, there is the sensational and aptly selected soundtrack. The great, exhilarating music makes the film's relatively short running time fly by even faster and several tunes are guaranteed to remain stuck in your head. "Discopathe" is a more than welcome must-see slasher for real horror freaks.

Reviewed by dschmeding 3 / 10 / 10

Horror Trash with a 70ies flair - Comedy?

Now that was a disappointment. The whole plot of this movie is rather ridiculous. From the opening you know this is a low budget production because the acting and dialog are really bad. its often hard to know if this movie is meant serious or funny. I expected the latter because a psycho killer and 70ies disco victims sound like a fun ride. As soon as they used flashbacks to explain the childhood trauma of the guy I was out because that just must be the dumbest thing i have ever seen. The cops remind me of the Beastie Boys "Sabotage" Music Video... fake haircuts, mustaches and acting all over the place. After all this is a really trashy tribute to old horror movies, kind of a funny homage that fails to deliver the fun which just leaves some gory kills. And for todays standard these just don't keep the movie afloat. Editing is often atrocious and really... there is just too little disco in this movie. When I hear a totally misplaced Wilhelm's scream at the end of the movie I know this was supposed to be funny but either i did not get it or the movie makers failed to deliver. Either way... don't waste your time.

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