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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SoulxSide 8 / 10 / 10

Highly Recommended

Wow... what a beautiful film. Sure - it had some problems, but overall I have to admit that I liked it alot. If you've ever seen Frequency (with Dennis Quaid), the premise will seem familiar to you. However, this film doesn't focus on the same things. Where Frequency was more of a "guy's movie", Ditto was more of a romance/drama/girl's movie. Even so - I liked it more than I did Frequency. Just to warn you - the following may contain some slight spoilers (depending on your definition of a spoiler), but nothing that would ruin the experience for you. Ditto is about two college students (a young boy and a young girl) from different times who (due to some strange and unexplained phenomenon) are able to communicate with each other by way of ham radio. They don't realize they are in different times at first... They go to the same school and agree to meet at a certain location. They both show up, but since they are in different times their paths don't cross. After talking for awhile - they figure out that they are indeed talking to each other despite the fact that he is living in present day Korea (2000) and she is living in a very different (war torn) Korea circa 1979. Now - the romance isn't quite between these two characters as one would think... if I explain too much it would give away the surprises... The production values are top notch - the film and transfer look beautiful - as they should - but exceptionally so. The cinematography is outstanding. There is some great use of color throughout the film - especially in the beginning. The music is tranquil and beautiful and fits with what's being shown. As with most Korean films, this one is very stylish. Not so much in a commercial way - but in an artistic way. I found a few scenes to be too slow - plenty of slow motion shots... a few were unnecessary, but overall it added to the tone of the film. It is a slow moving drama, so don't expect any of the excitement from Frequency. There are no murders to thwart or dead mothers to bring back. It still manages to be a powerful film though. I can't recommend it enough actually. It's certainly not for everyone - but if you like drama/romance - you're in for a treat with this film... as long as you can handle films with such a leisurely pace. I should add that the acting is good - there are a few characters that are a bit one dimensional, but since they aren't pivotal to the main storyline it's forgiveable. I'll be honest here as well and say that it didn't end the way I wanted it to - still, I was satisfied with the ending. After almost 2 hours, I was wanting to see more. I like films with a time-travel theme, so I was excited to see it in the first place.

Reviewed by ayu1990 10 / 10 / 10

One word: Beautiful

This film had a beautiful beginning and ending to it. The storyline had an intriguing plot to it: A girl called So-Eun in 1979 gets a radio and a guy called In Ji from 20 years later contacts her. They get to know each other by talking on the radio and arrange to meet at the clock tower, which they find to be impossible. The film has some beautiful scenery in the beginning and end as well. So-Eun's hospitalized friend was cute and funny and they were friends until So-Eun found out what lay ahead. The story itself was cute, sad, and humorous, mostly sad and beautiful I'd say. Sad because of what So-Eun finds out, and what goes on between the future guy and the girl of the past, but beautiful.

Reviewed by thunderfoot1812 10 / 10 / 10

Beautiful. Touching. A world of emotion in the faces.

I too am surprised this gem currently only has 7 stars. This movie is a perfect example of our universal shared understanding of the nature of attachment and love. The classical music score and the sound of the voices of the young actors transcend the language. The underplayed but extremely moving acting leaves us wanting to know more about these people. We are hugely on their side. This is the antithesis of a movie chock full of plot and devices; it is rather bare-bones perfect in the references it makes. It's all done with acting and camera-work, and pacing. What we don't need we don't get. It's like a minimalist Shakespeare play. What you *will* see are a collection of moments that just tug at your heart. Expect this movie to stay with you for a long time. What a great actress!

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