Dog Eat Dog


Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by justinemmanuel 9 / 10 / 10

About a group of twenty something black Londoners struggling to make it.

I found this to be a really memorable film. I was a black twenty something struggling to make it in London at the time and it hit closer to me that I would of liked it too. I felt that its strengths were the outrageous characters that were essentially spoiling the lives of 'normal' people. The film spends the whole while building up the problem as these youngsters get themselves deeper and deeper into trouble. Doing things that "I really would not do" to get themselves out. While I normally don't like that sort of formula, for me, in this film, it really worked. I thought that it was so funny. Not a high brow film, but really enjoyable, I whole heartedly recommend seeing it, particularly if you are black from London and are a guy.

Reviewed by jkmacr 1 / 10 / 10

4 London DJs trying to pay their debts.

Very funny and a well done effort for a first movie from this director. Likeable, real characters. Some of it did not feel all that original, but it was played well and the story moved along quickly and for the most part smoothly. Doubt that it will show up in the main screens, but you may catch it at a rep theatre or on video. Recommended for a evening's distraction.

Reviewed by Little Jo 1 / 10 / 10

Don't believe the bad hype - It's okay.

As a long term Gary Kemp fan I was at first looking forward to this and then as I read more about it starting to dread watching it. The reviews had me believe that this was gross-out comedy at it's worst. Don't believe it. It's actually okay. The cast is mostly black and mostly unknowns. Gary Kemp and Alan Davies are probably the only two "household names" in the piece although there are short appearances from a few character actors well known on British TV. The plot centres around a group of hapless youths who in an attempt to make a quick buck try to kidnap a rich authoress prize pooch, but end up stealing Kemp's (a local drugs lord) instead. The caper that follows involves them with Davies trying to "sting" Kemp's character, Jesus. The cast are all good and strangely likeable although I think they missed an opportunity here. The movie as I said casts young, black unknowns which is a step forward, but it turns into only a step sideways as they turn into small time crooks etc. It might have been more interesting to have them "normal", but then that would not have made much of a movie I suppose. Kemp and Davies do provide the star quality and although this might not be on a par with Kemp's best movies, it's certainly more watchable than I thought it was going to. And Derek is just a great name for a dog! LJ

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