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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by baslee 8 / 10 / 10

Don't judge until watching in entirety.

I was about to switch this off after the first 10 minutes; it came across as dated, tasteless, stereotyped bits, much about how 'terrible' millennials/capitalists/real estate agents are with a dash of very unfunny slapstick humour. BUT, as I continued watching, it became something quite different. I ended up feeling quite confused, mildly offended and laughing (in an enjoyable way). Don't judge without watching through to the end. The illuminati subplot was particularly amusing.

Reviewed by sharkfinattax 10 / 10 / 10

Boring and unfunny.

Yeah, this isn't it. I'm from sydney, it should be super relatable but it's just "smashed avo on toast lol" type humour in a lazily slapped together mishmash that would have been better as an 8 minute YouTube video. The tone deaf opening bushfire joke, that saw people running out of a flaming bushland while Dom and Trent from punchy stood there looking annoying, set the tone for what would be a boring, joyless and cheap half an hour that I'll never get back. I'm on the 333 straight the hell away from this dated, brand new show.

Reviewed by bugdesign 10 / 10 / 10

10 out of 10 scones

I loved this! I found it creative, engaging, relatable, ridiculous and refreshing. I'm so sick of the plastic Netflix junk that's been saturating our screens and dumbing us down. This is storytelling without the cream.. but it's still got the jam.

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