Don't Kill It


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
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April 7, 2019



Billy Slaughter as Patrick Fox
Dolph Lundgren as Andrew Scott
Kristina Klebe as Sharon / mother
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by crownofsprats 4 / 10 / 10

they killed it

This should be on a double bill with Devil's Candy for some sort of "demonic letdowns" movie night. Just like with that film, a harsher rating is deserved here because they started out with some great elements but ultimately failed to deliver the goods. Demons? Check. Lots of senseless, demon-induced violence? Check. Simple but effective premise? Check. Dolph Lundgren - aka the most underrated actor of our time - as the demon-hunter?!! ...and they STILL managed to ruin it. I guess you have to know how to actually juggle all these hot coals if you are gonna make something entertaining out of them. In cleverer hands, the kill-premise would have been spun out to its full inventiveness (e.g. what happens if multiple parties are responsible for a death, for instance if two people hold the gun and pull the trigger at the same time, or if someone is eaten alive by ants). Here, we just get exasperated Dolph dealing with stupid authorities and townspeople (led by an out-of-place pastor), trapped between one improbable copout plot move-along and the next. There's also a female FBI agent co-lead, who is mediocre in every sense of the word; she helps bring this pointless little venture to its fizzly non-climax. As with most demon horror, the whole point is to NOT let the demon/antichrist/wizard/evil scientist open up an evil gateway to a dimension of pain and terror...but we all know they are gonna get tantalizingly close, and we're gonna see some great climactic demon gate SFX before the good guys pull the plug on the dimensional resonator or upset the blood rune arrangement or whathaveyou. And yeah, they do the demon gate thing, but it has got to be one of the WEAKEST demon gate climaxes in the genre. Instead, it goes for some 'emotional drama' BS angle and fails on every level. My advice to the filmmakers is to study the classics. If you mention a demon gate, then you better spend like half of your budget making those last 5-10 minutes of the film literally the coolest part of the film. Otherwise you get an F like these idiots.

Reviewed by binthaider-755-822849 7 / 10 / 10

Action Comedy?

NOPE, did not go down too well. Not funny at all. It's stupid!

Reviewed by James Wright 7 / 10 / 10


You can either describe this as a spiritual successor or cheap rip off of the 1998 film Fallen, there too a demon hops bodies upon death, however it is a much better put together story that makes for a spectacular psychological thriller rather than low budget splatter horror. However, despite being overall inferior to the original concept there are some redeeming features of this movie. The dialogue and effects are bad but the story overall is pretty compelling and worthwhile. It takes the idea and mythos of a body-hopping demon and does some smart and interesting things with the concept. It is also a pretty complete story, that can be seen to have been mapped out from the start, rather than just hodge-podged together, although there is a bit too much bait and switch in one concept that holds the movie together that I won't get into here. Overall this isn't a bad attempt at a low budget horror and there are far worse out there. I would say that watching Fallen is probably a better bet if you are interested in a movie like this, but if you have already seen it then why not give this a go. On a final note; this movie might have been vastly improved if the demon didn't just scream all the time, which gets annoying and old real fast.

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