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Horror / Thriller

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Javier Botet as Niña Medeiros
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rouselleisla 6 / 10 / 10

Went in blind and enjoyed it

I watched it without expectations. And then it turned out to be really scary and good. I love when that happens. Loved the twist at the end, too. There's a post credit scene that hints at a sequel.

Reviewed by arsenico71 4 / 10 / 10

Don't watch

There is very little to save here. Everything is too predictable, the screenplay is rife with lousy clichéés, the characters are dull and unlikeable, lots of cheap jump scares and the usual "scary" puppets and nothing much more than that. In the end, a very boring copy of the copy of the copy of a hundred films of the same genre you have already watched. Just let it go.

Reviewed by onurmansiz 4 / 10 / 10

Mediocre copy

This film gives the impression of being carved by copying parts of many films and series that have achieved success in the industry. but unfortunately, I can say that this movie was unable to create its own originality. IMO the biggest betrayal of horror cinema is to create fear by making the audience to wait only for jump-scare scenes. Other than the jumpscare scenes, other scary(!) scenes, as I said before, were stripped away from other movies. Of course it's not bad at all; to some of those who'll read this maybe it'll become the one of the best movies of the last couple of years. But for me it's just NOT! Watching productions such as haunting of hill house, the conjuring or insidious for the fiftieth time will satisfy you more, it is incomparable.

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