Don't Read This on a Plane


Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jfgqa 10 / 10 / 10

This movie is art - not deep, it is light, but still delightfully profound

When you watch this movie, leave behind any expectation. Allow the movie instead, in it's own way, to surprise you and bring you joy, and I promise you it will. I wish I had the wordsmith skillls to truly express my impressions of this work of art, but I don't. So I will just note some brief thoughts which I hope will help. So, what made this work so enjoyable: People: Everyone has a story to tell. The creators of this movie display some subtle skill at providing a glimpse into what might be the story of many of the characters shown, even if only briefly. When you are done watching, think about all the people you have just "met", and you will see what I mean.Prose and word imagery: I don't want to say anything that would spoil it, but there are multiple public readings of the book, the subject of the movie. Though the subject matter might cause some to squirm, the word imagery and creative prose leave you wishing the book actually existed, and you could read it all.Cinematography: as mentioned by the creators, filming took place in many, many, locations and countries. Each scene, even if only brief, is artfully crafted, and draws you in to this little journey of discovery. Discovery of self, of people and places, and the things that are worth holding onto. The movie in short is pure joy. Like a brief interlude, drifting lazily and gently along a scenic landscape, this movie takes that which is profound and beautiful, weaves if lightly with that which is simple and ordinary, and softly caresses your soul with the resulting melodic harmony. That's my take on it anyway. Richard

Reviewed by bugger-17071 6 / 10 / 10

A pleasant surprise

The first thing we need to get out of the way is: even though this movie is categorized as a comedy, it does not really try to be funny. That does not mean it is bad, however. It's more of a slice-of-life character exploration with a very interesting subject matter. The film is devoid of clichée's, which I appreciated, and shows a woman making her way through an European book tour while having minimal resources and an out of reach husband. The film takes place in many different countries, and I liked how it treated each country that appeared, with respect. There were no cheap jokes at the expense of a certain culture or custom. The cinematography was well-done, there are some beautiful shots, and the accents of the characters were adorable. The one frustrating part of the movie was how multi-lingual it was. This itself would not be a problem, but the movie did not come with subtitles to assist in understanding all the languages that appeared, which became bothersome after a while. My favorite scene was when our main character gave a reading to the one french lady in a book store, which went as you would expect, but it was still entertaining. Overall, this movie was relaxing, peaceful, and relatable. I am glad I watched it, because of how unique it was. If you want a simple movie that doesn't challenge you too much, but still holds your attention, this one might just be perfect.

Reviewed by ops-52535 6 / 10 / 10

made on a penny in a pandemic europe

Is my first response to this flick. its a flight and road trip story about a young female writer, doing a booktour through europe, starting in venice, she find her hotel reservation not excisting. talking to her publisher at home she gets to know that the company is bankrupt, and the author has to make her way on her own, pennyless, the only thing that is for sure is that all her plane tickets has been prepaid, so the travel can be done anyway. so if you like a life travelling europe, with your books in your bag and the bookworms crawling in and out of your ears this maybe a good flick for you. productionwise, its colourfilled and with beautiful scenic views, its filmographic impression seems to me a bit colourenhanced, but well put together. the score varies a lot, starting of in a strange adventourous tone but turns over to a more cheap standard as the film develops. the outdoor shoots seems very pandemic in its surroundings, at places where you'd expect to see lots of people its deserted, and pretty calm the acting are average, the main female caracter does a very nice job, acting wice and looking extremely good, a bit sexy you might say, and is in a good companionship with the contents of very sexually written nature of the book she's touring with, with the title'' dont read this on a plane''. so if you need to switch of your daily stress, then this is a fun little romp of caracter development, and touring europe on a empty wallet for dummies, then the grumpy old man recommends

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