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Alexander Siddig as Adib Abdel Kareem
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rubens Junior 9 / 10 / 10

Maybe ridiculous, but an interesting action thing

Like Dave White says on his review, this movie is all about action and gore and it has anything you can imagine. Pick up your favorite thing of any action movie... Yeah, it has. Neil Marshall is the director of this sci-fi-thriller-epic. He's also the director of The Descent (2005), an incredible thriller with great tastes of horror with an outstanding grand finale. Of course that Doomsday is not so refined like his previous movie, but while the The Descent is all about technical perfection, Neil Marshall seems like just having fun here, and that's what makes this movie so enjoyable, because it's thrilling without being intelligent, it's funny without being crappy, it's frightening without being predictable and also predictable without being unpleasant. It's a very uncommon action movie that brings us back to great references in action movies thru the years since the 80's. It could have been a huge mess, but it actually works. It starts as an horror movie like 28 Days Later, then it becomes a sci-fi movie with tastes of Alien, bring us great remembers of Mad Max, passes thru dungeons tales and ends up like The Transporter. Right to the point: Neil Marshall is not afraid to dare and play with clichés in action movies over the decades. Doomsday has some resemblances to his previous movie: it's all surrounded by a female character; the main character has to deal with "things" that somehow survived in a stark place and the characters has to deal with extreme conditions. The main character is performed by Rhona Mitra, an actress who is gradually gaining prominence and more interesting major roles mainly in action movies. And she deserves it. Specifically in this movie she is a bad-ass woman with heroic intentions but politically incorrect, which makes her character well edged with an interesting appeal, giving to the audience fair reasons to keep their attention always on her and thrill with every moment she gives. The movie is all about her, and Rhona Mitra was a good choice for the role because she has all the qualities and flaws that fits perfectly to the character. If you like action movies but it's not worried to dare something a little different from what is being produced in the last few years, this is an excellent choice. It's not something that you will keep remembering for a good time like the movies that became references to this one, but it's something that you will enjoy (a lot) for a few hours.

Reviewed by dworldeater 6 / 10 / 10

Awesome, my kind of movie! Neil Marshall does not disappoint

At this point I have already been a fan of writer/director Neil Marshall, as I have already seen Dog Soldiers and The Descent and are among my favorite modern horror films. Doomsday is Neil Marshall's take on the post apocalyptic action/science fiction genre. The film is mostly a combination of 28 Days Later, Escape From New York and The Road Warrior. The film brings us back to the good ole' days(the 80's) and is a highly entertaining and blood soaked action fest that I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. The flick is a little campy, but looks great and favors practical f/x and delivers huge with tons of great gory action. Rhona Mitra is our gorgeous lead and is very effective here as a female equivalent to Snake Pliskin. She does well in the fights and gives a very good performance here as the lead in this film. Bob Hoskins and Malcolm McDowell appear as well and are awesome as well. While there is a whole lot of stuff made that just does'nt appeal to me, Doomsday is totally the type of movie that at least, I want to see. I am sure this won't be the sort of film that gets awards, but it gets a thumbs up from me and is awesome in my book.

Reviewed by a_chinn 6 / 10 / 10

Disappointing love letter to 80s post apocalyptic sci-fi/action films

I really wanted to love this film, but it sadly disappoints. "Doomsday" is a love letter to "Escape from New York" and "The Road Warrior" with it's story of a deadly viral outbreak in Scotland that causes the entire northern part of the UK to be walled off and it's inhabitants left to their own devices for survival. The story then picks up 30 years later when the British government finds themselves needing to go back into the quarantined zone to search for the virus' origin after it resurfaces outside the walls in London. Rhona Mitra, complete with a Snake Pliskeen-style eyepatch, leads an elite group of soldiers inside the walls to search for their goal, fighting off various wasteland inhabitants. This part of the film worked well as fun homage to John Carpenters "Escape from New York," but when the story takes an unexpected turn following Mitra's escape from the city into the picturesque countryside, where survivors have formed a medieval society led by Malcolm McDowell, it's too much of a genre shift to be believed or enjoyed. A homage to John Carpenter and George Miller is one thing, but when writer/director Neil Marshall decides to thrown in a "Excalibur" and "Highlander" homage, that's a bit much. The film does come to life again in the final third act, which involves an extended Road Warrior-like car chase through the wastelands, but Marshall is sadly no George Miller when it comes to action, though in all fairness, who is? Although I may seem mostly negative in my review, there really is a lot to like. Rhona Mitra is very good in the lead, the urban wasteland production design and costume design are both spot on, as are the car designs in the final Max Max inspired sequences. Marshall is a talented director ("The Descent" is a genuine horror classic), but "Doomsday" is not up to Carpenter and Miller standards. If a filmmaker wants to make a homage such as this, it either needs to be able to live up to it's source material or it needs to be able to offer something new. "Doomsday" offers neither. Quentin Tarantino manages to do both brilliantly in nearly all of his films (heist films, blaxploitation films, revenge films, kung-fu films,, grindhouse, war films, westerns, etc.). On it's own, I'm not sure how "Doomsday" would be received by audiences unfamiliar with 80s post apocalyptic films, but for audience members with an affection for these film, which Marshall certainly has, this film does offer enough treats to be worth watching, even if the overall experience seems disappointing. Overall, if watching "1990: The Bronx Warriors" or "Cherry 2000" is your idea of a good time, you should definitely check this film out.

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