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Douglas Henshall as Michael
Elliot Cowan as Alan Walken
Stephen Fry as Narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bnocarmel 9 / 10 / 10

Great entertainment

As a fan of Ian Rankin I really wanted to see this movie. Although it strays a little from the novel, it kept to the crux of the story. The acting was great with memorable characters. It was funny, exciting and a pleasure to watch. Underrated by previous comments. Particularly enjoyed the starring roles, the sights of Edinburgh and the music. Also, there was some classic dialog on the value of art, the international money crisis and the banking industry. Gently thrilling as the plot comes to a climax. The conclusion is totally satisfying. Great entertainment for family viewing, the broken-hearted and anyone who feels cheated by the big banks.

Reviewed by nephihaha 1 / 10 / 10

Badly paced, and almost colonial

At least half of this badly paced and poorly written crime caper could have been cut. Most of the first hour drags... the "heist" is mildly entertaining, but doesn't make up for the rest. All the educated, middle class people, apart from Douglas Henshall's character are English, or have English accents. And all the schemies/working class people have Glaswegian ones. (Apart from some Geordie criminals!) Edinburgh is not like that, and it seems all too reminiscent of the Alasdair Gray row. Is Scotland colonised? Well, watching this, you'd well think so. Apparently almost all Scots live in council house schemes, are football obsessed and don't get involved in the art world. The hegemony implicit in this is outrageous!

Reviewed by john-savage1960-575-575114 1 / 10 / 10

very disappointing

A good book ruined by an awful screenplay and changes to characters. The main plot of the book, with the policeman suspecting something was up concerning the main characters, was disregarded. Also the main villains in the book were Scandanavian but in this they were Geordies / Scots. Considering that one of the screenplay writers is of Scandanavian origin then you would think that this would be left in. The heist itself was a joke, it would have been much better left as per the book. I may be wrong but I had the impression that it was a comedy drama as opposed to a drama. Very, very poor.

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