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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DarkSkyX 8 / 10 / 10

Depressing yet eye-opening

One of the most macabre, depressing, yet eye-opening docs. I've watched in awhile. There's no narration or story that's told, just a "third eye" type camera following around 2 couples of heroin addicts in NYC through the seasons. Watching them shoot up on the floors of public washrooms then "clean" their needles in the public toilets... sometimes it's a bit too much and you need to hit pause just to go for a breather. Anyone currently in recovery of alcohol/drug addition should watch this when they're craving - it really shows you to what you could be going back to! After seeing this it's a wonder how anyone could even try this drug to begin with. The only thing it needed was a follow up at the end to tell where these people are today. Judging from what is shown in the doc., there's no hope for any of them. They mention wanting to get better and quit, but it seems the only end to their habits is to quit by way of dying. This definitely isn't for all audiences. I found myself kind of like watching a car accident - after I started watching it I just couldn't turn it off. I had to keep watching with a dark/morbid fascination of what it's like inside the lives of these addicts.

Reviewed by cashmanconnor 1 / 10 / 10

Update 2017 for anyone who cares

So I literally registered IMDb to write an update about the four addicts in this film. As of 2012 Michelle passed away, to view her Obituary just Google search Michelle Boswell Obituary As for Sebastian a few websites have stated that he is clean and still lives in NYC. As for Tracy and Matt. I found Tracy on face book as well as Matt they have a daughter named Savannah.

Reviewed by tbug-47600 1 / 10 / 10

I Know These People

As a heroin addict in Greenwich Village in the early 2000s, I have often wondered what became of these two couples who's paths I often crossed. Although, I didn't know Michelle as well as Matt, Tracy and Sebastian, I was sorry to hear of her passing. Having had the benefit of a roof over my head and other responsibilities, my hustle was not as desperate; I told jokes to tourists for dope money. I very well remember them being shadowed by a skeleton crew from HBO (a camera man and boom operator) and can attest to its authenticity. They asked me to sign a release so I could be filmed too and I emphatically and thankfully refused. I found the actions of the film crew to be exploitational and certainly more unseemly than the actions of my friends (who were paid $40 a day) in the film. I was taught to only punch up, never punch down. It pained me to watch Dope Sick Love where people I knew to be clever, kind and funny were put on salacious display during their darkest days. To Sebastian especially I want to say I am so glad you're still around. You were always a true gentleman. I have been clean for over 5 years and although it hasn't always been easy, it's well worth it. None of us should ever be defined by our past. If you see Matt and Tracy pass on warmest regards from Tess.

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