Double Cross


Drama / Thriller

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November 13, 2020


Barbara Niven as Andrea
Bruce Boxleitner as Jim Ross
Yancy Butler as Kathy Swanson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mlark4 1 / 10 / 10

Two women complain about their husbands, leading to a murder and blackmail

This movie was so bad it was laughable. I couldn't resist watching it though. The plot is standard, the acting quite horrible (supporting cast such as the nutty neighbor and the lawyer friend were better actors). Kind of amusing if you have some time to waste and like seeing the conclusion to a dramatic plot. The headliner who plays "Kathy" was just fascinating because I couldn't decide if her deadpan, flat affect was the result of bad surgery or simply bad acting (I decided it was both). This leaves the script to comment on, which was pretty awful. Pat remarks, idiotic decisions, and reckless stupidity on the part of every character in the movie. Maybe this is what was so riveting; I don't know. I just watched it to see how bad it could be. (Actually the dialog doesn't even qualify to be called "cliche'" - but it's almost completely inane.) All in all, very bad, cheaply made movie. The sets, the same scenes (a house, a building) were shown over and over with no artistry or actual tie-in to the action; more like props that were randomly dropped into the action in a bad play. A chase scene could have been shot by any juvenile in a warehouse or an old school: poorly shot, cheap props, minimal action.... and I still wanted to see the ending. Go figure.

Reviewed by dmorgan12 5 / 10 / 10

Oh Come On

This film has so little class in comparison to Strangers on a Train or even, Accidental Meeting for that matter, that despite plot similarities I wouldn't feel right in actually comparing this to either of them. The Yancy Butler character came across as such a dopey dimwit I was too embarrassed for the writer and director to continue watching. I don't enjoy many Lifetime movies but feel compelled to watch one every now and then in the interest of promoting harmony at home. I often groan silently but this film caused me to protest out loud, stand up leave the room and walk around the house mumbling to myself, before I returned to my normally favorite chair to subject myself to more torture. Dean Morgan, Rochester, NY

Reviewed by krorie 5 / 10 / 10

Rehash of "Strangers on a Train"

I was disappointed in this made for TV flick, not because it copied the Hitchcock thriller "Strangers on a Train," but because it missed a golden opportunity to take the theme of that classic film and twist it into something new. From the beginning the connection with the Hitchcock masterpiece is obvious only instead of two strangers it's two female friends (actually three but only two are involved in the murder) and rather than a train setting it's one of the women's homes where the supposed pact is cemented. Kristi (Yancy Butler) and Sheryl (Laura Soltis) are chums who are having problems with their husbands. A third friend Suzanne (Barbara Niven) is an attorney. Kristi believes her husband Dean (William deVry) to be cheating on her. Sheryl's husband, for some reason also named Dean (Bruce Boxleitner), a workaholic multi-millionaire has just informed his wife that he no longer loves her, wonders what he ever saw in the relationship, wants an immediate divorce, will give her a small settlement but no riches because of a prenuptial agreement. The two women are drinking when the conversation leads to how to dispose of the husbands. As in "Strangers on a Train," each agrees to kill the other's target, in this case the other's spouse. After she sobers up Kristi forgets the babble but Sheryl is dead serious and views the deal as a pact. In the meantime, Kristi confronts her husband with the evidence that he is having an extramarital affair. He is able to explain to Kristi's satisfaction that he only loves her. Kristi is happy but fails to tell Sheryl the reversal in her attitude about her husband. Sheryl proceeds to gun the bastard down, as she calls him. Once Kristi finds out what really happened and that now Sheryl expects her to kill the other husband, she confides in the two women's mutual friend Suzanne who advises Kristi to tell the police who are investigating the murder. Kristi explains that she is being blackmailed by Sheryl. So Suzanne places herself in harm's way by agreeing to help Kristi get the whole thing straightened out. Since the viewer doesn't actually see Sheryl kill Kristi's husband--it's dark and only a shadowy figure is shown pulling the trigger--and since Sheryl's husband Dean brings out the point that his wife has a history of mental problems and drug dependency, it would have been a clever deviation from the original movie to have pointed the finger at others such as Suzanne or even Dean. But no. The writer/director George Erschbamer decides to stick to a copy of Hitchcock's film. So the movie plays out in a predictable manner. There is also too much yakking in the script. I thought for awhile that the two friends would kill their husbands by talking them to death. The scene where Kristi and Sheryl plan the mutual murders is far too long, much to verbose. There is more action toward the end, but at times the talk still seems unending. The acting is not bad for a TV film. Bruce Boxleitner is a capable actor and plays the part of a turd with élan. The three women in the lead roles are sufficient with perhaps the best performance given by Barbara Niven. At times the raspy voice of Yancy Butler is hard to hear. The entire cast is above average for this type movie. If you're one of the few viewers who has never seen "Strangers on a Train," then you may enjoy this. Others beware. If you haven't seen Hitchcock's original, my advice is instead of watching this rehash, spend a little time finding "Strangers on a Train" at a video store and see it instead.

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