Dr. Giggles


Comedy / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Cliff De Young as Tom Campbell
Doug E. Doug as Trotter
Holly Marie Combs as Lea Townshend
Michelle Johnson as Jennifer Lyons
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by meddlecore 6 / 10 / 10

Surprisingly Awesome 90's Slasher!

Patient 193- aptly known as Dr. Giggles- has escaped from the mental institution. Now he's out to seek vengeance on the town that killed his father...by killing off their teenagers. But not until he gets a chance to perfect the procedure his father died trying to develop- the world's first heart transplant. Turns out, his mother was dying from a heart ailment. And his father went crazy trying to save her...cutting up his patients, so that he could harvest their hearts for her. Like father, like son. Although it starts off pretty cheesy, this is actually a badass film! The kills are creative as hell, there is a fair amount of gore, everyone fights back...even when you least expect it, there are numerous (believable) close calls, a nice little twist (just when you think it's over)...and some great one-liners! This film has it all...and despite it's cheesy nature...it really is a solid 90's slasher. Much better than I expected it was going to be. 6.5 out of 10.

Reviewed by Predrag 2 / 10 / 10

"Laughter Is The Best Medicine!"

"Dr. Giggles" is an example of a campy cliché filled slasher that works. The story is actually pretty decent as far as most horror movies go and the acting is well done. Larry Drake is awesome as the mad doctor and the one-liners he delivers as he dispatches his "patients" is priceless. I still recall the laughter that came over the theatre when he delivered his final line of the flick. We even get the obligatory "nursery rhyme" that goes along perfectly with most small town killers. This movie simply had everything we look for in a campy 90's b-horror. This is not a movie to be taken seriously, at all. That becomes clear when certain unlikely props start showing up seemingly out of nowhere. The actors all seem to be in on the joke though, which elevates the material somewhat. And the movie does have some atmospheric panache going for it, in spite of the bad 90's fashions on display. The hair and make-up styles were clean and simple, but those clothes. Who pairs a bared midriff with jeans roomy enough to hide a pumpkin in? This movie will make you think twice about the medical profession... Overall rating: 7 out of 10.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 2 / 10 / 10

Lame slasher with way too many jokes

Yet another worthless slasher film, this time copying the oh-so-lame jokes that Freddy Krueger was fond of. Yes, we're with another repulsive murderer who can't stop churning out predictable wisecracks each time he kills. Original? No. Exciting? No. Mildly amusing? Perhaps, but only due to the fact that there's so many jokes that at least a few have to be funny. The acting is atrociously poor; the teenagers bear absolutely no skills or talents, and have no right to be considered as actors. Larry Drake (DARKMAN) enjoys himself as the over-the-top baddie, and to be honest I couldn't imagine anybody else in this particular role. But his skills are limited too and he remains a one-dimensional character. Only the characteristic which gives him his name is memorable. The thin plot glides through one graphic death after another; the plot is written specifically for the deaths, written around them in fact. There are never any clever twists or surprise endings, or good moments. The nearest the film comes to interest is in a weird Hall of Mirrors spook house, but even this is mishandled and unrealistic. It is only the excess gore which makes this film watchable, and at least it doesn't skimp on this. Needles pierce flesh, hearts are extracted while their donors live, and surgical instruments impale unwilling flesh. But for the piece de resistance, it's something else entirely. This is a single scene which the whole film may just be worth sitting through for, involving the naked corpse of a woman lying on a cold slab. This is a shocking, sickening moment and has to be seen to be believed. Otherwise, give this lame slasher a miss - or you'll be needing a doctor yourself.

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