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Jackie Chan as Insp. Chan Ka Kui
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by winner55 7 / 10 / 10

surprisingly good dramatic 'fu film

This is actually a well made film. because of that, I doubt very highly that it was directed by Lo Wei. My vote is that Chan, once allowed to choreograph the fight scenes, just went ahead and directed the film, much as what happened with Bruce Lee and The Chinese Connection, another film claimed by Lo Wei that he didn't actually direct. In fact that's pretty typical for Lo Wei - probably half the films he made were directed by the actors while he was off gambling, drinking, or sleeping it off. At any rate: Although the film is heavy handed and a little slow, the story is not without interest (this is one of the few 'fu films where we see a potential villain repent and become a good guy), and the performances are all above standard for this genre in the mid-'70s. I believe this film, I believe its characters. Certaily not a masterwork, but a worthwhile dramatic 'fu film. Oh, and the fight scenes are all pretty good.

Reviewed by SamuraiNixon 7 / 10 / 10

Decent Early Grim Jackie Flick

After production of Spiritual Kung Fu and subsequent shelving of that product, Lo Wei directed Jackie Chan in a somber revenge film named Dragon Fist. Distributors were also not interested in this film so it was shelved not to see the light of release until after the success of Snake in the Eagle's Shadow. It is an uneven yet interesting work that is devoid of the humor that is so prevalent in most of Jackie's movies, but has an interesting plot. Jackie's plays Tang How-Yuen (a Bruce Lee influenced character that did not fit well to Jackie's personality); an orphan that was adopted by Chang San-Thye leader of the Kang Kun school. He watched his master get killed by Chung Chien-Kuen (master of the Patience Clan played by Yam Sai-kwoon) who coveted a sign Chang won at a previous tournament. Chung actually had an ulterior motive his wife was the lover of Chang years before they were married. Because of this unholy revenge, Chung's wife hung herself so the gods would forgive Chung. On the eve of the third anniversary of his Master's death, Tang along with Su Ming (Nora Miao) and his Master's wife go in search of revenge of Chang's death. Meanwhile, there was several murders at a logging facility when the Patience Clan happened upon a smuggling facility of the Wei Clan. A member of the Patience Clan survived and pointed the finger at Fat Su who was currently employed for the Wei Clan. This pushes their leader, Wei Chang-Lung, to devise a plan to destroy the Patience Clan who are well respected in that region. Tang is welcomed to the Patience Clan, though watched under the eyes of Chung's daughter Chu Peng and right-hand man (James Tien who in an earlier scene unconvincingly beats Nan Sing, played by great kicker Eagle Han Yin.) He is told to come back in three days, on the eve of a special date for Chung. When How-Yuen comes back he shown a golden sign that was made to replace the one Chung destroyed and he showed him his leg-in-a-box. Tang's mother then prevents him from exacting revenge since Chung already has made his penance. Tang is ready to leave when he finds out that his mother has been poisoned and the Wei Clan have the antidote. This sets an uneasy alliance between Tang and the Wei Clan. I feel here is where the plot breaks down a bit after the nice turn of events. The James Tien character is a copy (semi-spoiler alert) of many of his previous characters (ala Half a Loaf of Kung Fu) and Jackie is not having fun with his grim character. Where this film does shine is the good score by Frankie Chan, the beautiful scenery and the excellent fight choreography by Jackie. This especially works when he is involved showing his acrobatic movements and more realistic fight movements. Though it does not work as well when the non-martial art actors are involved. But the ending is full of inventive fights including Jackie using a staff (again) and getting pummeled by a sharp-ton-fa wielding opponent. Dragon Fist is an above average Kung Fu flick that would be of interest to anyone who wants to watch the non-comedic roles that dominated Jackie's early career. However, those who are only familiar with his latter roles might be disappointed. Overall, I enjoyed this film, but if you have only seen a few Jackie Chan films there are plenty others to watch before viewing this one.

Reviewed by kurtisroth 7 / 10 / 10

Old School Jackie

There's a special place in my heart for old school Jackie Chan films. For some reason, when I look to my JC collection for something to watch, I tend toward the older fare. On the surface, DRAGON FIST is pretty average. But if you're an old school fan, you can't help rooting for virutally everyone in the film. Yan Yee Kwan (sometimes Yam Sai-kun) is one of my favorite bad guys; he was also excellent in Fearless Hyena, Once Upon a Time in China, Iron Monkey, and Heroic Trio. James Tien and Nora Miao bring a lot of respectability to the cast as well. The plot offers some nifty twists. The fights are strong. I have to agree that the film takes itself just a little too seriously. If Jackie's early work could be measured on a "stiff-o-meter," DRAGON FIST would fall squarely between TO KILL WITH INTRIGUE and FEARLESS HYENA. Not coincidentally, that's about where it falls in his chronology. Much of the charm of these films for American viewers -- and it can't be disregarded, especially for those of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s -- is the afternoon matinee "Kung Fu Theater" nostalgia factor. It imbues them with a quality that I can't ascribe to many of Jackie's later films. I love POLICE STORY, etc. -- the production values are generally much higher, the stunts are mindblowing -- but those are a different breed altogether. They occupy a different place in film history, and in my esteem.

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