Drain the Sunken Pirate City



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ganyokoborlor 2 / 10 / 10

Scientific Facts mixed with (European) Pirate hate propaganda.

Aside there being only scientific facts on what happened in Port Royal. This documentary seemed to be fueled by the hatred for pirates by Europeans and thus, fueled the story of Port Royal being the 'wickedest city of all time'. This propaganda could be smelled from a substantial amount of narration. From this documentary, Port Royal became 'wicked' because they were finding it hard to be colonized and stole from other thieves (European empires). Very biased 'documentary'.

Reviewed by sarajimi / 10

a worthy entry but misnomered

While this shows title indicates a continuation of the focus on sea/lake floor technological exploration of previous titles, it actually returns to the more human element of so many good products of the national geographic society. the multi-beam technology is actually taken out of the game early in the show by an inattentive boater so most of the exploration done is by good old humans diving on the site. that being said, at least some of the previous entries narrators were honest about things being theories, not fact while in this episode one diver states that he knows exactly what happened to a fort mere minutes or hours after finding it's wreckage. also, the trend towards sensationalizing is quite evident in the frequent use of the term "quicksand" over the more accurate "liquefaction." overall, I enjoyed this entry more than the others in the drained series but if you're looking for more episodes like draining Alcatraz or the great lakes, this is a definite departure/improvement.

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