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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kentrasmussen 7 / 10 / 10

fascinating documentary but it could easily have been better

This fascinating documentary uses painstakingly detailed digital 3-D reconstructions of the Titanic's wreckage made from thousands of underwater photographs. The program's chief interest is that it provides clear views of entire sections of the ship that are impossible to see of the real ship because of the darkness of the water more than two miles below the ocean's surface. The digital images look very much like what one would expect the actual wreckage to look if the surrounding ocean could be drained away. It's all very impressive, but the documentary's presentation has some irritating features. After explaining how the digital images were made, virtual cameras move past wreckage so rapidly it is difficult to take in details. The images would be far more interesting if the cameras were to linger over parts of the ship longer. For example, instead of showing the same rapid panning shots of the ship's bow repeatedly, it would have been better to use some of that time for much slower close-ups. It is also disappointing that the documentary provides almost no close-ups of the surrounding debris fields. What are all those large objects scattered around the ship's hull sections? Despite these reservations, the documentary is fascinating and well worth watching. Perhaps a future documentary will use the digital images to give us better views of the wreckage.

Reviewed by oceansun-45475 3 / 10 / 10

Not worth my time.

I truly appreciate the hard work by whom made this possible. However, the only thing that excites me and perhaps the only thing that holds the whole documentary up, is that the super cool model that scientists were able to create. Other than that, the whole documentary keeps repeating clips that has already been seen previously in the same documentary, or is just showing some random clips to fill up the talking time towards the end. And the soundtracks. Gosh I wish there was no soundtracks and that might make the documentary more enjoyable. That's all I want to say.

Reviewed by dbdvm 3 / 10 / 10

Like a commercial for itself

There is some fascinating information in this documentary, but in about 45 minutes of documentary, there are only maybe 10-15 minutes of actual content. The information is heavily punctuated by repeated panning over the model of the wreck and the animation of "draining the sea floor", which of course, doesn't really happen. The narrator breaks from his narrative every few minutes to remind us how amazing it is that we are seeing the Titanic like never before. This is hyped up with dramatic music and sweeping views of the digital model . It extremely repetitive and left me waiting anxiously for more through the entire length of the film, but "more" was never delivered. So much filler, so little true content.

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