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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chickensue 10 / 10 / 10

A truly under rated British comedy film.

This wonderful film captures a time gone by when county life in rural England had hardly changed since the Second World War. John Mills, plays Mr Parker, a drunken farmer, living on his own in total squalor. His farm though, is stuffed full of his money. It's hidden in every conceivable place, under the floorboards, inside the toilet cistern and even in the lining of his Trilby hat. Dulcima, a twenty something year old, played by Carol White, lives on an adjacent farm and is down trodden by her brute of a father, played by Bernard Lee. She is expected to do everything in the house while he sits happily on his backside complaining about her all the time. Longing to escape this drudgery, she dreams of meeting and falling in love with a handsome stranger, who will sweep her of her feet and take her away from it all. By chance one day, Mr Parker is returning home in his beat up old Land Rover from a trip to the pub. Drunk as a lord, he clips the baby's pram that Dulcima had just been pushing. Intent on giving him a good piece of her mind she strides up to the farm to confront him. Unfortunately she finds he's crashed out in a drunken stupor on the floor. Seeing the state he's in and the farm, she decides to straighten both out and immediately begins by cleaning the kitchen, much to the bewilderment of Mr Parker when he finally sobers up. The relationship between them, then begins to grow, with very amusing consequences as she tries to get him to part with some of his money while he tries to get her to bed. John Mills made, at roughly the same time 'The Family Way' which was a huge success. It also stared his daughter Hayley Mills along with Hywel Bennett. Another very fine film of John's in indeed. Carol White made two excellent hard hitting social films for TV in the late 60's, 'Poor Cow' and 'Cathy Come Home', both available on DVD, showing what a superb young actress she was at the time. Sadly she died in 1991 from a liver disease. Dulcima is a very delightful film that to my knowledge has only been screened once on British TV. I have a fading copy on Betamax, but would love to have a crisp clean copy of it on DVD. I live in hope! I'd just like to add here that since I posted this review Frank Nesbitt the Director contacted me thanking me for my comments regarding his film and also kindly sent me a DVD copy of 'Dulcima' for which I will be forever grateful.

Reviewed by max-waller 8 / 10 / 10

Lonely old farmer falls for young, simple, country girl.

I recall seeing this movie by chance on TV many years ago and have been hoping that one day it will be shown again, or at least available to hire or purchase. Without repeating the plot or the other useful comments already posted, I'll just say that this film left a lasting impression on me. I wouldn't call it a comedy, it was much more than that; although there were some amusing scenes, I remember it primarily as a portrayal of off-the-beaten-track country life with ultimately a tangle of emotions and a tragic, moving ending. John Mill's portrayal of the lonely farmer, whose state went from sober to legless and soft to nasty, was excellent. Yet I submit that the star of the film was Carol White, whose moving performance as the simple and comely country girl confirmed her talents that had first come to public notice in Cathy Come Home.

Reviewed by darruss 8 / 10 / 10

How times have changed

This film title was long forgotten until i recently spent time reminiscing with an old school friend, we had both attended Minchinhampton school in the late 60's and had watched in awe as the film crews and stars strutted their stuff, in particular John Mills, later to become Sir John Mills, I remember well, the morning i was walking to school and had to stop and wait until a scene had been shot at the rear of the crown inn, as he passed me the great man patted me on the head. I have recently managed to find a copy on DVD, watching it i was catapulted back to a time of innocent childhood, Mills's character, Parker, could of been based on one of many eccentrics that have lived in and around the Stroud Valleys. The country side has not changed a great deal but the peacefulness has, watching you realise the impact the motor car has had on the area, in particular to Minchinhampton, i remember the village streets before they became clogged with cars, a time when nearly everyone travelled ON the green Bristol omnibus. Times change i know, but at least with gorgeous films like this the memories live on.

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