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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by coolzain_me 10 / 10 / 10

Good !!!!

yesterday i watched this movie and i really liked it because it had a good story line ,plot,it was well shot and everyone gave natural performances ex.(DILIP KUMAR),(RISHI KAPOOOR) acted really well and it was well directed i think this kind of stuff should be made these days so people know the meaning of relationship and i really loved the movie and as it was a YASH JOHAR (DHARMA PRODUCTION) and this movie proved that YASH JOHAR did good work on the film all the people in the movie acted well.The villains were really good (AMRESH PURI,PRAN,PREM CHOPRA) and if i would give points to this movie i would give it 10/10 and if i would give it stars i would give it *****/***** and it was better than those movies like ARPAN and NIKAAH and i really appreciate this kind of stuff

Reviewed by alokc 3 / 10 / 10


The great Dilip Kumar used to act in a number of movies in the 1980s and these movies had him as the central character. This character overshadowed all other characters and stood tall, larger than life. The audience used to lap it up with applause and cheers. Duniya released in 1984 is one such movie, which has Dilip Kumar taking on Pran, Prem Chopra and Amrish Puri for spoiling his life. He is ably supported by Saira Banu and Rishi Kapoor. The movie has excellent music by R D Burman and is a must watch. The movie might not have done as well as it should have but is a must watch. One must see the movie to realize what a great actor Dilip kumar is.

Reviewed by SumanShakya 3 / 10 / 10

A Star Studded '80s Blockbuster with the Regular Formula.....

Dramas blended with crimes, smuggling, revenge, lost children, and reuniting have been an instant recipe of most of the Hindi Movies from '60s. By the time this film came, the story has been seen so many times that there remains nothing new to be explored. The story is familiar, the villains are well known, the characters are buyest, music and songs if not mediocre are still not very memorable. A sequence if I'm not mistaken is taken straight from the Oscar Winning "The Sting" in which Rishi Kapoor steals cash. If something is good in this movie, it's an impressive performance from Thespian Dilip Kumar and a cameo by Saira Banoo. Dilip Kumar made yet an another remarkable performance in "Mashal" in the same year. Today the film if remains watchable is only for the due respect to him. Lastly, with this review, I would like to pay a homage to Late Sulabha Despande, who appears in a brief role in the film. Sadly I got the news of her demise while I was watching the movie. She should be remembered for her modest roles in social dramas like Pet Pyar Aur Paap, Bahu Ki Awaaz, Kamla, and many more. Rating: 1 star out of 4

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