Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains



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Reviewed by jamescholes 10 / 10 / 10

A masterpiece

This is a tremendously assured and moving first feature from director Gu Xiaogang. Set in eastern China it follows a year in the life of four brothers and their ailing mother. My wife, who is from Hangzhou, said the story was so true that it felt almost like a documentary. This is a film about a changing China (the razing of old neighbourhoods) but also things that are unchanging (the Fuchun river, which keeps rolling towards the sea). It also resembles a Chinese scroll painting, with fishing boats and figures lost within a landscape of mountains, trees and rivers. Some of the tracking shots, too, mimic the way that scroll paintings used to be viewed in ancient China (the 12 minute swimming scene is remarkable). At the end of the film we learn that this is only the first chapter, giving us the tantalising possibility that Gu might return to these characters and stories in later years. We must hope that he does, because to my mind this is one of the finest Chinese-language films since Edward Yang's Yi Yi.

Reviewed by mjfhhh 7 / 10 / 10

unfolds slowly and carefully like an ancient scroll

Originally DWELLING IN THE FUCHUN MOUNTAINS is the 14th century Chinese painting by the famous artist Huang Gongwang. The movie is the modern version of the painting's landscape brought to life, where the changing seasons are interwoven with human lives. Focusing on the lives of three brothers we follow them through their troubles and tribulations. There are many plot points, but the main ones involve the two young sweethearts who decide to get married against their parents' wishes and the the life of the younger brother, that spirals out of control when he starts borrowing money from shady people. The best thing about DWELLING is its authenticity, the characters seem to live their lives normally and unaware that the camera is following them around. The movie also transpires the feeling of abandonment, as progress invades the corners of the world it is never supposed to, inevitably changing people's lives, some for the best some for the worst. To sit through the 2.5 hour film is a bit of a chore, but somewhat gives you a sense of accomplishment. It also does not require a lot of concentration as the story unfolds slowly and carefully like an ancient scroll, with an almost hypnotic quality, plunging you into a different world. Here the life is like Fuchun river itself - harsh bleak cold, but ultimately rewarding.

Reviewed by lasttimeisaw 7 / 10 / 10

Film Review - Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains (2019) 7.0/10

"The first chapter of a planned tetralogy, DWELLING opens with a rambunctious birthday banquet of an elderly woman (Du), simply referred as mum, with her clan of four sons and, their respective families, but jollification is ironically snuffed after she is smack smitten with a stroke while jocosely doling out a "red packet", a Chinese tradition inside which banknotes are concealed, to her grandson Kangkang (Sun Zikang), who is a patient of Downs syndrome. After that, mum is taken living with her oldest son Youfu (Qian), his wife Fengjuan (Wang) and their daughter Guxi (Peng), but vicissitudes of quotidian life unfold like a Chinese stroll (the film's title is also the name of the renowned wash drawing by Huang Gongwang, 1269-1354, the oldest of the "Four Masters of the Yuan dynasty"), languidly but ineluctable, marriage arrangement, filial obligation, fraternal liaisons, illegal gravy train, generational confrontation and the shifting ethos are all too familial in the contemporary Chinese society." reading my full review on my blog: cinema omnivore, thanks

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