Dying to Be Loved



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Dan Payne as Connor Hodges
Jedidiah Goodacre as Gary Smith
Martin Cummins as Gerald
Paloma Kwiatkowski as Emily Yates
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by doycesub 4 / 10 / 10

Dying for movie to be over

First off there's a lot that doesn't meet with real life in this one. The boy with a record wouldn't have been allowed to work as a security guard anywhere. The policeman brother would have not been allowed to do anything on the case because it involved a family member. The boy would have been locked up in jail for the murder charges. The mother should have filed a complaint against the policeman brother with his commanding officer. The policeman brother would be under investigation by internal affairs and possibly suspended from duty. The movie would have a more believable plot!! I can think of more, but mainly I'm sitting here thinking about fast forwarding to the end. By the way, I do like Lindsay Hartley so started it because she's in it!!

Reviewed by edwagreen 5 / 10 / 10


A lot of plot twists in this absorbing Lifetime film. An emotionally unbalanced teenager suffering from depression finds a boyfriend who is even more off-the-wall than she is. Her mother, an attorney, is living with a guy who she hopes to wed shortly. Gary, the girl's boyfriend, reacts to a road rage incident by shooting to death the guy in the other car and he is convicted of murder. How he was allowed to stay out of jail until sentencing was the one major flaw to me in this engrossing film. Gary and his depressed girlfriend supposedly jump off a bridge to their deaths, but her mother, the attorney, has her doubts and hires a private investigator to pursue the matter. The results are more than what anyone bargained for. Gary's brother is a police officer but turns out to be up to his neck in this engrossing thriller. Connor, the mother's boyfriend didn't exactly do the greatest of acting here.

Reviewed by wes-connors 5 / 10 / 10

Not with My Daughter, You Don't

A young couple chain themselves to a light cement block and hold hands on a bridge, overlooking some dangerous water. Apparently, they jump. Six months earlier, we meet sourpuss Paloma Kwiatkowski (as Emily Yates). The 18-year-old college freshman is sullen most of the time, leading her lawyer mother Lindsay Hartley (as Jill) to believe Ms. Kwiatkowski may be off her medication. Kwiatkowski is depressed and has an aversion to water (or, she did, previous to the opening teaser). One thing that we see cheering Kwiatkowski up is bad blond boyfriend Jedidiah Goodacre (as Gary Smith). A handsome young security officer, Mr. Goodacre works better than medication. When they meet, Goodacre turns off Ms. Hartley with his bad table manners... Directed by Paul Shapiro and written by Stephen Lyons, this is a very predictable "Lifetime" TV drama. They handle the assignment successfully. The basic plot, which has been recycled many times, reinforces the demographic viewers' perception that a daughter's boyfriend is usually bad news. To compare and contrast, mother Hartley is given handsome new bed-partner Dan Payne (as Connor Hodges). The younger couple steal the show by offering a nice variety of nasty, sullen, moody, pouty and scowling looks. Hartley is out to there. Of the supporting players, police officer brother James Pizzinato (as Ritchie Smith) shows a good range; when he over-telegraphs, it's due to a lingering camera. The movie is full of stupidity, but it is fun to watch. ***** Dying to Be Loved (4/16/16) Paul Shapiro ~ Lindsay Hartley, Paloma Kwiatkowski, Jedidiah Goodacre, Dan Payne

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