Dying to Belong



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November 13, 2020


Hilary Swank as Detective Valerie Quinlan
Laurel Holloman as Shannon
Sarah Chalke as Drea Davenport
Tracy Middendorf as Kim Lessing
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zedex 7 / 10 / 10

Pretty good, but not the best movie ever.

Spoilers Dying to Belong is about a girl in her freshman year of college whose best friend is killed during hazing. She investigates whether it was really an accident or if there is something more sinister going on. This is an OK film, not as good as some of the comment on here say ("Best TV movie ever" is a gross exaggeration), but decent all the same. The acting is good, for the most part, the girl playing Kim over acted her way through every scene, making her part in the ending too obvious. Speaking of the ending, it was a little too predictable, not because of the writing but because of the direction. The way we see it, a girl is on the roof of a church or something being told that she'll win "Best Pledge" if she hangs a banner. We then see her friend on the ground realising she's disappeared, then the girl falling. This means the audience already knows she was forced onto the roof, which means the next 45 minutes of what's supposed to be tense is actually less exciting than the start of the film. Still, its worth watching, 7/10

Reviewed by balevanti 7 / 10 / 10

Ranks 2nd to "What no One would tell" but worth the watch!

The star power of falling child stars Jenna Von Oy and Mark Paul Gosselaar breakthrough and shine through this disturbing film. "Dying to Belong" also stars Spoiler alert: Hillary Swank. Both Swank and Von Oy both play two college freshman looking to pledge a sorority house in hopes of achieving popularity and climbing the social ladder. Gosselaar along with Swank work with each other at the school's newspaper. Goselaar digs up information after one student was rumored to have been hazed and found dead after a rush pledge prank went completely array. Not to ruin anymore of the story for anyone who finds this movie Ondemand. "Dying to Belong" can possibly be found on Lifetime channel every once in a great while. Sarah Chalke(currently in Scrubs, and feature Roseanne alum) brings extra zing to this nail bitter. Sit back on the couch and get the chips queso dip and all the snacks out. This movie teaches us that sororities and frats are not worth dying to be apart of. And it is also a funny movie to poke fun at for the horrendous clothes fashion

Reviewed by michaelRokeefe 7 / 10 / 10

Very intense sorority life.

Better than average made-for-TV drama. Of course there is the obligatory candy coating, but then the subject matter slips into somewhere real dark. College freshmen Lisa(Hilary Swank)and her friend Shelby(Jenna von Oy)have their hearts set on pledging to a sorority; the same Lisa's mother(Isabella Hofmann) pledged. Lisa gets a job with the school paper and meets Steven(Mark-Paul Gosselaar). Lisa and Shelby are asked to perform degrading tasks during "hell week"; Lisa is told of a young woman that disappeared during the pledge hazing week. She sees first hand how that rumor could actually be true. When Shelby falls from a campus clock tower to her death; Lisa and Steve work together to find out the truth behind the "accident" and show how dangerous hazing really is in spite of what college authorities say. Other cast members: Sarah Chalke, Jennifer Warren, Amanda Wilmshurst, Melissa Pace and Michael Flynn.

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