Dying Young


Drama / Romance

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Campbell Scott as Scott Corrigan
Ellen Burstyn as Katherine
Julia Roberts as Anne Eisenhower
Vincent D'Onofrio as Dock Newton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by one_way1983 8 / 10 / 10

Dying young

Every time this movie comes on television, I sit in my bedroom and watch it from start to finish as if it was the first time I've seen it. It is a film that focuses on a man, Victor (Campbell) dying of leukemia and his internal struggles of wanting to be carefree and wanting total companionship from the Hillary (Roberts), the woman he hires to take care of him. Eventually, Victor wishes that he could be well so that Hillary can look at him in a different light; however, Victor cannot see pass his disease to allow anyone to be in his life including his dad and Hillary. He abruptly stops his chemotherapy to go live life and die; however, he does not seem to be living it since he so competitive and wanting to be better than anyone else. You want Victor to be cured of the disease and you want him to be less envious of the well people and to stop worrying about death and just live, which is the whole message of the film. Don't be afraid of death since we all will eventually die and no one knows exact time when death will wrapped them in his arm, which is a very powerful message. Great acting from Campbell and Julia. Great cast. Please watch this film and formulate your own opions.

Reviewed by roghache 6 / 10 / 10

Romantic tearjerker depicts heartbreak of cancer

This may not be classic cinema, but I found it a moving portrayal of both the suffering caused by cancer to its victims, and the grief to the loved ones who support them. Of course it's also a romantic tale of the relationship that develops between this particular patient and his caregiver. The movie chronicles the story of a young woman, Hilary, who, following a recent betrayal by her boyfriend, takes a job as a private caregiver to a rather difficult young man, Victor, suffering from terminal blood cancer. It dramatically depicts Victor's struggles with chemotherapy (the scenes most memorable to me), and Hilary's assistance, with its ever increasing emotional involvement. Julia Roberts brings her typical endearing qualities to the role of his nurse, who risks a broken heart by falling for a young man who is most certainly going to die soon. I've never seen Roberts in a role for which she didn't elicit viewer sympathy. Campbell Scott, son of actor George C. Scott, is also convincing as the young leukemia sufferer. My major complaint is Victor's lack of supportive family relationships (as I recall) or apparent faith. The movie could have been more meaningful if he'd had these, yet in addition, loved and needed Hilary. This scenario is dramatic, but it is unfortunate and simplistic that she is portrayed as his sole reason for living. Get out the Kleenex, folks, for the entire movie. I liked the ambiguous ending that left the viewer able to cling to the remote prospect that Victor might miraculously survive. Its message of course is the devoted loyalty until death that Hilary offers. Some viewers have mentioned an alternate suicide ending; that would have definitely ruined the film for me.

Reviewed by Xeresa6 6 / 10 / 10

Beautifully sad movie that just misses the mark.

My first complaint was that Vincent D'Onofrio was totally wasted in this role, although he brought some much needed life to this role. If they had fully developed Vincent'Onofrio's character then this could have been a beautiful and powerful triangle, but they wasted most of the supporting characters. Campbell Scott was great as the young man dying of leukemia and gave a riveting performance as a young man who had never been able to fully live his life and groping for what he considers his last chance of happiness before dying. Campbell Scott also has the courage to be unlikeable and at times arrogant rather than a plaster saint. His inability to connect and understand the simple friendship offered by Gordon(Vincent D'Onofrio) is almost painful to watch. He envies Gordon's easy openness and zest, and is also jealous of the way that Gordon effortlessly connects to JUlia Roberts character,Hilary. The most poignant scene is when this young man of wealth, privilege, and education tries to relate with Gordon and Hilary who are getting a kick out of answering the questions to Jeopardy. He scores big on the questions that he studied in college, but grows more and more frustrated as Hilary and Gordon bond over their ordinary knowledge of TV shows-- like their singing the theme to Gilligan's Island. They are having fun, but Vincent can only see it as a competition. In that moment he sees a world that he has never known and probably will never really get, and he lashes out at both of them. Gordon is hurt and puzzled and Hilary is torn between anger and understanding. I wish that they had had Julia telling Gordon about how the character of Vincent was struggling with cancer, and having all three of them interact with each other bringing more depth to their struggles-- Vincent's jealousy of watching Hilary and Gordon interacting, and Gordon reaching out in friendship to help his new friend. It also would have given Hilary more insight into her emotions, and, when she made a choice it would have had more meaning.

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