Dyke Hard


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Horror / Musical / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 2 / 10 / 10


Dyke Hard is a band made from misfits. The lead singer opts out of the band and frames the rest of the band for murder. The film ends with a battle of the bands. The movie is campy with bad musical numbers. Guide: Sex and nudity (male and female )

Reviewed by johnberg-39983 10 / 10 / 10

A Troma movie without Troma

This so-called movie was first intended to be released by Troma, but of some reason it never happened. Because it is a flick without any blood and gore, or because it is aimed for a purely queer and gay public? Both, I think. "Dyke Hard" had no potential even for Troma. Here are some lame action and fighting scenes, but not one single drop of blood. Can it appeal to a queer/gay public? I doubt that, too. The movie is a complete mess where almost nothing hit the right note, and it excuse itself with the tiresome attitude "intentionally bad -- and that's the fun guys!" But this cliché in modern B-movies only works if the viewer understand that the movie is made by people who play under their real ability. It is all too easy to make intentionally bad flicks, only because the movie makers are afraid they should not be good enough, if they tried to make something good. The musical scenes are often OK, and the songs are often catchy. Probably you can see them on Youtube soon, and then you don't need to see the whole movie.

Reviewed by ebiberman 10 / 10 / 10

Definitely divisive, but if you like camp you'll love it

I adore this movie. I bought it based on the name alone, and have never regretted it! I'm gay, which definitely adds to my enjoyment, but I've shown it to people all over the sexuality and gender spectrums and they've all enjoyed it too. The film takes inspiration from a wide range of things- including, but not limited to, old-school battle of the band style musicals, the 80s (just in general), sci-fi B movies, scooby doo, and of course John Waters. They have called it a Waters tribute, in fact, and I think it succeeds beautifully on that front. There are bits where it seems like it might be becoming porn, and also some bits that are pretty violent- it's a cartoonish kind of violence so it doesn't bother me, but if that or sex scenes or seeing people's bits and bobs is a problem for you, you may not enjoy. Otherwise, I think it is a rollicking good time and highly recommend viewing parties and/or drinking games. Also, Payback is kind of a legit good song.

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