Eagle vs Shark


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Craig Hall as Andrew Bowers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Irishmoviereviewer 1 / 10 / 10

Like nails scratching a blackboard!

I seriously thought it was going to be an ok movie for me to watch, well it was a disaster. I find that the two characters were more confused and all over the place especially the guys role. Whoever wrote this film, should be ashamed of themselves! The guys role was like a dwerp who just wants to make people's lives a living hell and the girl is like dreamy but confused. The writers honestly should've redone both characters personality and make them more get to the point that one of them I'd genuinely in love with one another! Horrible movie, AVOID!!!!

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 7 / 10 / 10

love her hate him

Lily (Loren Horsley) is a loser cashier at the fast food Meaty Boy restaurant. She has a crush on weird Jarrod (Jemaine Clement) who works at the electronic store. She is a sad sack living with her brother and their cats while writing her songs. He usually avoids her but invites her to an animal costume party mostly to get another girl. She goes as a shark. It's a downbeat party with him as an eagle. They play a video game tournament where she beats everybody and face off against Jarrod. She lets him win and they have a fling. He reveals his need to kill his former bully. I love Lily. I'm good with most of this except I hate Jarrod. I would love this far more if she dumps him at the climax and keeps him dumped. It's not like he improves that much by the end. I want better for Lily. She should gain her confidence and go off into the sunset for a life of performing. Taika Waititi's visual style is inventively quirky. It's not big laughs but there are plenty of weird. The obvious comparison is Napoleon Dynamite and I simply find Lily more appealing.

Reviewed by gavin6942 7 / 10 / 10

Socially Awkward

Eagle vs Shark is the tale of two socially awkward misfits and the strange ways they try to find love; through revenge on high-school bullies, burgers, and video games. The critical consensus on Rotten Tomatoes was that while there were "frequent moments of wit and mordant humor, Eagle vs Shark needs more to distinguish itself from other precious, Napoleon Dynamite-ish comedies' moments." That is probably about right. I loved the awkwardness of both characters, I loved the idea of an animal party. I've given this a good rating mostly for its quirkiness, but I do have to concede that Taika Waititi had still not quite found his groove. If not for that "Conchord" star power, this might have gone completely unnoticed.

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