Easter Under Wraps


Comedy / Romance

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Fiona Gubelmann as Erin Cavendish
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Onetrack97 6 / 10 / 10

This is lame, but we still like it.

Some really bad writing, I feel sorry for the actors. Fiona is a top notch actress. At one point I said "this is lame". My wife said, "they all are, and they're predictable, but that's why we like them."

Reviewed by EPMD57 9 / 10 / 10

Below Average Hallmark Movie

You know what you're getting with Hallmark movies, but this one was more boring than usual. I just didn't see a lot of entertainment value here, and I didn't believe the lead male character at all. His entire essence was off, like he wasn't human in some way. He was a chocolate expert but was also in great physical shape. He was really intense about chocolate, to the point where even I as a chocolate lover thought he was over the top. There were a couple of moments early in the movie where I thought the other characters would have been better off running away than hanging around him.

Reviewed by marsmii 9 / 10 / 10

Easter & Chocolate, can't get better than that!

Very good movie with excellent acting by lead actors! Interesting story line, so refreshing from the usual Hallmark romances which are so predictable & monotonous! Watching it on Easter Sunday, a pleasant, feel good experience.

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