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Reviewed by FilmOrNothing 7 / 10 / 10

Not for the squirmish

Struggle to make it as an actress, Novella spirals into depression and develops a habit of eating her own flesh. The synopsis might remind some of that brutal french film 'In my Skin', both with themes of self-mutilation but they are quite distinctive in terms of style and tone. The opening sequence with Jeffree Star's 'Beauty Killer' playing shows our protagonist getting dressed and ready. Turns out Novella (played brilliantly by Meggie Maddock) has her fair share of failed auditions as an actress while trying to make ends meet. Her friend Candice (Ali Frencis) offers her temporal solace by taking her out for drinks. The film exudes a kind of kitsch vibe throughout, with bright wallpapers from the room of Novella's to the neon lights of sleazy clubs. The film is self-aware of that and plays it in an almost comical fashion, contrasting with what's to come. After an unpleasant encounter with strangers in the club, we've come to learn that Candice herself is a bit of a haywire. With unpaid bills and false hopes, Novella slowly descends into self-loathing and finds an outlet for it in grotesque eating her flesh. The practical effects are well made and definitely not for the squirmish. Even horror fanatics may find some of the scenes repulsive. It is illogical, unrealistic but I find myself rooting and sympathizing for Novella to get out of her flesh eating cycle. May not be for everyone, but memorable scenes and characters makes this worth watching

Reviewed by KineticSeoul 8 / 10 / 10

I suggest not watching this while eating

This is a really gruesome and gory movie that is actually quite depressing to watch. So if you have a weak stomach, I suggest you stay away from eating anything while watching this. This delves heavily on false hope, misunderstanding and the reality of certain people and how getting used can effect someone. The plot is about a shallow woman Novella McClure trying to make it as an actress. Thinking that it will solve all her problems because she is unhappy with the situation she is in and herself. When her emotional instability really starts to kick in because of her past and her feelings of constantly being used and manipulated kicks in. Anxiety, depression and pain follows, thus she starts to eat away at her own flesh. Some scenarios and situations didn't make much sense, especially near the end. But besides that, this is somewhat of a realistic portrayal of what can happen. When someone puts all your hope in one thing and constantly being disappointed with it and the limits constantly getting pushed can do to someone. I would have more sympathy for the characters, but sometimes the stupidity and emotional instability took away from it. Overall, this is a low budget horror movie that is worth seeing. It can resonate with a lot of adults. The actress that played Candice the best friend of the main protagonist did a really fine job though. She sort of reminded me of a Catwoman like version of Scarlett Johansson. 7.3/10

Reviewed by Uncle Marvin 8 / 10 / 10

Dark Tragedy

This one is not for the feint of heart. Eat is a warped mutilation fantasy. What kind of twisted, depraved freak came up with the story of a self-inflicting cannibal?! Hopefully, thankfully, they are probably on some kind of watch list, I'm sure. Eat is the story of Novella McClure, a blonde bombshell with a rocking body. You may know her from such eating disorders as cannibalizing her own flesh. She's not a zombie, she's just a little confused. Your friendly neighborhood therapist Dr. Simon is there for her. He sees something in her. Did I mention she looks like Marilyn Monroe? The opening scene is the same old "person waking up in the morning" bit, only Novella brings something new to the table: herself. Did I mention she's easy on the eyes? The story has character development and a dramatic plot. The main character is a struggling actress. She's got problems. Her bestie is violent, she's broke, she's being evicted, she's on suicide watch, and she's dating her therapist. When the pressures of life just get a little too bad to bare, Novella feasts on her own body parts. I could actually see this happening. It's not that different from cutting, which is a serious problem affecting young girls. Eat definitely had its moments. It's Hannibal Lechter meets Rigoletto. You'll love it, unless, of course, you're a vegetarian.

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