Echoes of Fear



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MovieQween-33622 7 / 10 / 10

Get past the baby voice, great story! Superstar pet rat too

Okay so I'm so surprised!! This was kind of decent. Now you do have to get past the baby voice that the main character does. I won't lie, it's pretty bad. But after you accept it, the story itself isn't bad! A few jump scares and some mysterious things happen. Story was intriguing enough for me! Good suspense. Low budget but I've honestly seen a lot worse. If you like thriller/suspense/horror similar to What Lies Beneath and some elements of Sixth Sense. Great watch for Prime Video! Side note: The pet rat in here (Twinkie?) is super impressive with his skills LOL I'm not a pet rat enthusiast or anything but I do love animals. And let me tell you this rat in here is intuitive, athletic and skilled. He's so dang cute and funny! He's a Hollywood rat and deserves all the cheese. So pleasantly surprised with this low budge thriller/ horror!!!

Reviewed by joshuagreen-96942 1 / 10 / 10


I couldn't get past the lead actor's voice; Trista Robinson sounds like a 5 year old girl. And she went to the open mouth school of acting. Good grief, why do so many female actors have their mouths gaping open like an idiot in every other scene?? It's so obviously contrived, most people do not walk around with their mouths open!

Reviewed by chad-61313 1 / 10 / 10

One Star for the Mouse

This was a painful watch. The mouse acted better than the humans. I hit the fast-forward button to see an ending that I had already foresaw and no fear factor whatsoever- don't waste your time.

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