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Bill Cobbs as Mr. Hendersen
Jim Caviezel as Tom Kubik / Sgt. Ron Chapman
Matt LeBlanc as Jack 'Deuce' Cooper
Zack Ward as Dusty Richards
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by statman-5 1 / 10 / 10

This one gets my vote for "Worst Ever"

I was running a movie theater when this turkey came out. We got to have a special sneak preview of it, which was rare for my theater. (a two screen theater in a city of less than 15,000 people) I put the film together and decided to watch it to make sure all the splices were right. Fifteen minutes into it my four year old son was completely ignoring the film, and my father and I looked at each other and pondered how this was part of our life that we would never get back. If you think the kid had a short attention span, I would have to inform you that this is the same kid that watched Lion King from start to finish every night for a month two years before this. If your idea of entertainment is monkeys farting - this is your film. If you're looking for something slightly more entertaining with animals, go watch Babe instead.

Reviewed by BigD72469 5 / 10 / 10

Call me crazy...

...but I gave this movie an EIGHT. Now, before you brand me an idiot, please hear me out... "Ed" is one of the worst written, worst made, worst acted movies that I've EVER SEEN. The film's knowledge of the game of baseball is terrible ("Carlton Fisk couldn't buy a hit in Boston...") and it's bizarre, ill-timed special effects sequences will leave you scratching your head. Not to mention the schizo storyline... BUT...and this is a big but...I watched this with a few friends of mine who are movie buffs like myself and we LAUGHED HYSTERICALLY AT HOW BAD IT WAS! It's the "Plan Nine from Outer Space" of the 90s!!!! Therefore, I stand by my 8 rating. Go check out this awful, awful movie and spend a night of laughing out loud at it's ridiculousness!

Reviewed by westcor 5 / 10 / 10

It really is a secret stoner movie.....

Ed, what can you say about this movie that hasn't already been said? As the 3-bannanna reviewer stated, it contains all that is needed in a great movie. 1)Monkeys 2)Baseball 3)Someone from the show 'Friends.' If you pay to watch this movie you are a fool, luckily U-verse had it on for demand for free. Though on second thought, I remembered I did ask for my girlfriend to get it for me on Blu-ray if it ever came out; should a miracle like that ever happen. The reason people didn't find this movie funny, is because everyone thinks its a kid's movie. It's not. It's a movie for someone who just smoked a lot of bud. I laughed so hard at some points I was crying, and literally nothing would be happening except the Monkey farting or doing a flip while catching a ball. This movie would of been a complete disaster if they would have used a real monkey. It still is a disaster of sorts, but it is much funnier with a robotic monkey than the real thing. I have no idea how to even rate this movie, as it obviously is a horrible piece of cinema (OK that gives it too much credit, a horrible piece of film); but at the same time made me laugh more than any movie I can think of in recent history. I will meet in the middle and give it a 5.

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