Eddie Murphy: Raw


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March 21, 2020


Deon Richmond as Little Eddie
Eddie Murphy as Sherman Klump / Buddy Love / Granny Klump / Mama Klump / Papa Klump / Young Papa Klump / Ernie Klump / Lance Perkins
Samuel L. Jackson as Wes Luger
Tatyana Ali as Singing Child
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by StevePulaski 9 / 10 / 10

Raw to the bone

Many comics, like Jim Carrey, and Robin Williams, reach a certain age where they stop doing what they are good at and go into family movies. Jim Carrey was funny on In Living Color and Robin Williams has a certain magic with drama films, but now they continue to submerse themselves in the lowest common form of comedy. Cheap bathroom humor and little kid comedies that are in no way funny, nor clever. Eddie Murphy is no exception now doing such things as Daddy Day Care, Imagine That (remember that?), and those countless Shrek films. But, with Eddie Murphy Raw, this was shot in 1987, when Murphy was a very vulgar and hilarious comedian. Eddie Murphy doesn't do anything like Delirious and Raw anymore, or does any sort of stand up comedy at all. These are two little pieces of his history that are now overshadowed by his lame kiddy comedies. Eddie Murphy Raw is a ninety minute comedy special of him performing at Madison Square Garden in NY's Felt Forum. The comic discusses sex, women, actors, why whites can't dance (coming from a white man, so true), why Italians are motivated by Rocky, divorce, and just the topic of life itself. He gives his realism approach to everything, and even shows sympathy for Johnny Carson losing half of his money to his wife after their divorce. The language in the film is absolutely filthy and the women dialog is incredibly misogynistic and degrading. But it's hilarious and has its own truth behind it. I'm sure Eddie cares about women, but some of the things he says about divorce is relatively, right on the money. By the end of the special, it goes a tiny bit downhill which is exceptional because most of the beginning was hilarious and very funny. Raw is the sequel to Delirious, which is one I will be sure to see in the future. Going into this with only average expectations I came out very surprised at what I just saw. I almost had to sit down and have a long talk with myself about right and wrong. It's that good. Starring: Eddie Murphy. Directed by: Robert Townsend.

Reviewed by GMTMaster 7 / 10 / 10

What a show

Imagine: You produce the taping of the show for, let's be generous, for about 1 Million US$. We're talking six to eight cameras. Then you take the show to the theaters and gross a cool 50.000.000 ! This can only work, when you tape Eddie Murphy on stage in on of the best comedy shows ever! Saw it live in L.A. What a great timing the guy has. Get a chance and see the VHS (where is the DVD?) and you'll have the best of times, while you're at it, grab a "momma burger" and a beer.

Reviewed by baumer 7 / 10 / 10

Tell Bill I said have a Coke and a smile and shut the @#$* up!

This is not quite as funny as Delirious, but nothing could be. However, it is still is one of the funniest stand-ups around. The first half an hour is on par with his previous stand-up. The first half an hour he does impressions of some of the same people he did impressions of in DELIRIOUS. This includes Michael Jackson and Mr. T again. He also does impressions of what I can only surmise has to be a real life phone call from Bill Cosby. This is one of the funniest parts of the show as his voice and idiosyncrisies of Bill are right on. His ensuing conversation with Richard Pryor is also quite funny. There is also some great bits in here about women, dating, and marriage. And while many people have claimed that Eddie is nothing but a misogynist with his rantings now, it has to be said that there has to be some truth to what he is ranting about. The show does lack a little near the end but that is okay because the rest of the show is one hilarious skit after the other. He even takes on his parents again and does quite a good job. Raw is not quite as funny as Delirious but it is a great follow up to his first one. 7 out of 10

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